1. P

    Sweating/High Temps After High Starch/Hight Fat Meals

    Anytime I eat high starch/high fat meals (eg. pizza, Italian food, etc) I begin sweating profusely almost immediately afterwards. This is accompanied by high temps (99.5 oral) and heart palpitations. Obviously, the solution to this problem is not to eat high starch/high fat meals -- and I...
  2. E

    Can magnesium give heart palpitation?

    Hi, I'm actually looking to reduce heart palpitation with magnesium or magnesium Taurate, but I have seen each time I took them I got more who seems pretty weird based on all the research out there saying magnesium and magnesium taurate can treat ectopic beats or arrhythmia. Do some of you...
  3. natedawggh

    Acetazolamide & Palpitations

    I have been taking a very small amount of acetazolamide—1/4 a tablet. When I take it, though, it really works wonders until it starts to produce some very noticeable palpitations, specifically where my heart stops for a beat every 3-6 beats for about 30 seconds. It's very uncomfortable. I'm...
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