palmitic acid

  1. EnergeticLeo

    Feeding PUFA muffins caused less liver fat gain than SFA muffins?? I'd be very interested in others' views on this study; the only key variable changed was PUFA (sunflower oil) vs SFA (palm oil) used in muffins fed to the subjects, and the PUFA group had...
  2. M

    Came across this study about palmitic acid being a carcinogen, very confused.

    Hi all, I recently heard @CLASH and @Hans discussing the benefits of palmitic acid. But I just stumbled upon this study showing it is a carcinogen and is very prometastatic, at least for oral and skin cancers...
  3. Apple

    Palmitic acid promotes cancer ?

    Published: 10 November 2021 Palmitic acid (PA), but not oleic acid or linoleic acid, promotes metastasis in oral carcinomas and melanoma in mice. Tumours from mice that were fed a short-term palm-oil-rich diet (PA), or tumour cells that were briefly exposed to PA in vitro, remained highly...
  4. haidut

    Saturated Fat (palmitate) Does NOT Activate TLR4

    We must have had hundreds of discussions on this topic on the forum. Some forum users strongly believe that saturated fat (SFA) increases inflammation by binding to and activating the endotoxin (LPS) receptor TLR4. Among all SFA, palmitate is the one most commonly blamed and has been...
  5. haidut

    Palmitic Acid (palmitate) Strongly Increases Oxidative Metabolism

    This is yet another thread as a follow up on the recent posts about plamitic acid inhibiting fatty acid oxidation and having therapeutic roles in cancer, diabetes and all other disease characterized by elevated/abnormal fatty acid metabolism. Palmitic Acid (palmitate) Is A Fatty Acid Oxidation...
  6. haidut

    Palmitic Acid (palmitate) Dramatically Inhibits Liver Cancer Progression

    I posted a thread yesterday showing that palmitic acid is a strong inhibitor of fatty acid oxidation, perhaps more effective than established drugs like Mildronate. Palmitic acid also seems to be able to double oxidative metabolism when used in relatively low doses. Palmitic Acid (palmitate) Is...
  7. haidut

    Palmitic Acid Is Androgen Agonist, Increases Androgen Synthesis, Decreases Cortisol

    Palmitic acid has a bad reputation in mainstream medicine and the blogosphere. It is claimed to directly cause insulin resistance, obesity and even hypogonadism. Well, these studies found the exact opposite. The first one found that methyl-palmitate (MP) is an actual androgen receptor agonist...
  8. Makrosky

    Targeting Metastasis-initiating Cells Through The Fatty Acid Receptor CD36

    I don't know enough body biochemistry to have a conclusion but it's hitting the news this week. They claim that palmitic acid (saturated fat) is responsible for cancer metastasis. Rodent study btw and only oral cancer. @paymanz @haidut...
  9. haidut

    Palmitic Acid Inhibits Cortisol Synthesis

    Palmitic acid has a bad reputation in mainstream medical circles. It is being blamed for insulin resistance, obesity, and even triggering diabetes II. Ray has written a few times about palmitic acid, and has explained that it is one of the few known exogenous factors that can activate the enzyme...
  10. T

    Overfeeding Palm Oil Causes More Liver And Visceral Fat Accumulation Than Sunflower Oil ... 110017.htm Well, what you think about this one? cheers Thomas
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