1. Inaut

    No shucking about!!

    I don’t give a shuck No more puns I promise. I steam oysters until their shell opens slightly. It’s soooooooo easy and actually very delicious(coming from somebody who doesn’t like the taste of oysters typically). You don’t have to worry about losing a finger or breaking plates if you don’t...
  2. lyfe

    Ate Oysters For The First Time Last Night ! Whoa!

    I am 31 years old and after reading about the benefits of Oysters decided to hunt some down at the store. All of them had cottonseed oil in them other than a larger can of 8 ounce Bumble Bee Whole Osyters. I bought 4 cans of them for 2.12 a piece and immediately cracked one open when I got home...
  3. Twohandsondeck

    Anti-Peat Liver And Oysters Aren't Health Foods?

    I'll quickly say here that in the grand scope of the last 1-2 years, there was a time where I received great energetic benefit from consuming liver and oysters. During a short time of a few weeks I'd venture to say that I even over-consumed them in an attempt to load up on these dietary elements...
  4. B

    Oyster Soup Recipe Using Boiled In Water Canned

    I've had this can or tin of whole oysters boiled in water for a while. And I keep bringing it out of the cupboard, putting it on the kitchen counter, and in a few days putting it away because I never want to fix and eat them. Today, decided to look up a recipe and plan to make it even if I am...
  5. Westside PUFAs

    Oysters May Serve As Link In Transmission Of Norovirus

    http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/08/healt ... .html?_r=0
  6. Velve921

    Benefits Of Oysters

    So I recently added in oysters to increase my zinc levels...has anyone noticed significant benefits when adding in oysters? I was also told that oysters contain thyroid? Something to do with it being a non vertebrae animal? Love to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks!