organic acids

  1. chrstn4o

    You may be onto something with this "High Serotonin Bad" thing... (Organic acids test result with very elevated 5-HIAA)

    I decided to go over all of the organic acids tests (OAT) I've run in the past on my clients to see if I could find correlations between 5-HIAA and poorer health status at the time of sample collection, and low and behold I saw this: 5-HIAA, the serotonin metabolite is more than 3x higher...
  2. haidut

    Simple Copper Complexes Are A Powerful Alternative To Antibiotics

    The anti-bacterial effects of some metals have been known for millenia. Silver, Gold, copper and even nickel have been used by many ancient civilizations to sterilize water or even disinfect wounds. Of these metals, copper has been getting some renewed attention lately due to its ability to...
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