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oregano oil

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    Dopamine raising effect of Carvacrol in the prefrontal cortex + hippocampus (oregano oil)

    ~150mg human equivalent of carvacrol Carvacrol: from ancient flavoring to neuromodulatory agent - PubMed by 7 days increased dopamine in the prefrontal cortex & hippocampus. increased serotonin a little too in the hippocampus, but you can see the dopamine effect is significantly bigger...
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    Best Idealabs anti-viral supplement(s)?

    Looking for something to help mitigate (and even potentially cure) my shingles. Been using a combination of Defibron, Coconut oil and Oregano oil rubbed into the base of my spine every morning. Do you think this it's wise to continue the same stack or maybe Haidut has another supplement that...