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  1. NatachaRose

    Orange juice and body temperature drop

    A friend of mine has been adding a glass of fresh orange juice daily, and she is now experiencing a drop in body temperature. She used to consistently be at 37 degrees, and now she mentions that she's consistently between 36.6 and 36.8. I thought orange juice was supposed to help with thyroid...
  2. Mauritio

    Narirutin + Didymin

    Narirutin is the secon most common flavonoid in orange juice, but is little talked about. Here are some interesting studies: 1. Anti-depressant effect - Narirutin produces antidepressant-like effects in a chronic unpredictable mild stress mouse model - PubMed 2. Lowers inflammation via...
  3. cs3000

    Protection against glyphosate pesticide (using Orange juice)

    Wondered how damaging typical glyphosate intakes are, and what can be protective if necessary so dont have to try to completely avoid intake In terms of cancer, from what i found on glyphosate typical daily intakes in the hundreds of micrograms up to low end mgs didnt give me much cause for...
  4. cs3000

    Hesperidin in 1 glass of orange juice reverses sarcopenia, lowers inflammation, & restores IGF-1 (age related muscle loss)

    Cool research as OJ is commonly accessible, nice effect on restoring igf-1 lowering inflammation and reversing muscle loss in aging (and probably myelin repair for brain function too), and its effect is in already aged mice so can be taken later in life for this health boost 1 250ml glass of...
  5. Limon9

    The Ray Peat Hospital Diet

    . . . by which I mean the liquidy (hopefully not intravenous) basal diet: - One quart of orange juice - One or two quarts of 1%-fat milk - Two or three ounces of hard cheese - One carrot - Coconut oil - Beef liver/seafood intermittently - Salt to taste. (extras: gelatin, coffee, one egg)...
  6. Inaut

    6 Months On Orange Juice

  7. cs3000

    Naringin inhibition of adenosine deaminase (ADA) + Ghrelin activation This enzyme breaks down adenosine to inosine, Naringin was shown to moderately inhibit this enzyme, but would high intakes of OJ lead to increased adenosine levels / decreased inosine levels? (they used cordycepin as it mimicks adenosine...
  8. Hans

    Juice up your testosterone with potassium What is your favorite high-potassium food? Mine is definitely milk and kiwi. OJ is also good, but since I juice my own, it's only available around winter.
  9. Lejeboca

    Ray Peat Interview September 21, 2021 - One Radio Network
  10. G

    Ray himself consumes 1600 calories of sugar per day, with 0 white sugar

    Many people may already know this, but I just want to clarify this for anyone who still assumes he only drinks 1 or 2 quarts of OJ with white sugar and doesn't eat "high carb". I was playing around with this cool search tool Ray Peat Search made by @rijo , and I found an interview with Peat...
  11. Queequeg

    OJ's Low PH Can Be Dangerous To Teeth

    Just came across this article about some precautions we should all be taking when drinking OJ. I think many people have noticed problems with their teeth when peating so hopefully some will find this helpful. some edited helpful solutions 2: drink orange juice always with a drinking straw to...
  12. J

    Orange Juice And Thiamine Deficiency

    I had a Thiamine deficiency. A simple supplement gave me back my ability to break down alcohol without intense facial flushing and feeling like I have the flu. It's phenomenal. My question is, since high-carb dies increase the need for Thiamine, would drinking orange juice cause a thiamine...
  13. kiran

    OJ Intolerance

    One cause of OJ intolerance may be the fiber dissolved in it. If you cant get a hold of OJ without pulp, its worth trying to remove the pulp. Just add some bicarb and/or club soda to the OJ until you get a layer of foam on top. Much of the pulp should be floating on top of the liquid, you can...
  14. L

    Do You Get Over The Fruit/Orange Juice Blood Sugar Spike?

    For most of the people who have been eating this way for a long time....have your blood sugar levels or insulin gone up? Were they low/normal to begin with? On low carb both of these were low/normal for me and now have gone up. Does this settle down eventually? How long?
  15. scarlettsmum

    Sour OJ

    What to do with OJ from unripe sour oranges? Just bought some freshly squeezed unpasteurised OJ treated with high pressure instead of pasteurisation (whatever that means), however it tastes sour it's giving me sore tongue. :( Is it to be thrown out or can it be improved somehow, perhaps by...
  16. S

    One Reason We Can't Stomach Even The Best Commercial OJ

    I've known to try and avoid pectin for a while now, but I never knew the actual amount of pectin in different things and what specifically to avoid. If this wikipedia entry is trustworthy, then it is not the sweet parts we need to watch out for, "Typical levels of pectin in plants are (fresh...
  17. Philomath

    No More Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice? Beneficial Flavor Packs?

    We all know that orange juice is beneficial on many levels, fructose, naringenin etc. Being the ever diligent Peatarian, I only drink fresh squeezed, strained OJ because it is far superior to store bought, not from concentrate juice like Tropicana or Simply Orange. The downside of the latter...
  18. Y

    Does Pulp Free OJ Really Matter?

    I dont get what the big deal is about pulp free OJ? I buy both pulp free and pulp OJ. Personally I think pulp OJ tastes way better. I would have thought it contains more nutrients too?
  19. J

    Orange Juice Reduces Aspirin Absorption

    Influence of seven beverages on salicylate disposition in humans
  20. K

    1.5L OJ, 1.5L goat milk, 100 gram beef, 1 egg yolk diet

    I'm thinking about how a Ray Peat diet covers the RDA guidelines. Of course, Ray Peat and people here may not agree with all those RDA guidelines, but I think that for 80% they are pretty accurate. I made this for myself, but I share it, because maybe other people find it interesting as well...
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