1. JamesGatz

    Cancer rates sky-rocketing among California Sea Lions and becoming more common across aquatic life

    I think it is good to talk about cancer rates sky-rocketing in marine life - after all it seems that if enough aquatic life in the ocean were to die off - it seems we could be facing a mass extinction event https://seashepherd.org/2015/09/29/if-the-ocean-dies-we-all-die/...
  2. JamesGatz

    Deep Sea Gigantism - Could Carbon Dioxide/metabolism play a role in deep-sea animals gigantic size

    Deep-Sea Gigantism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep-sea_gigantism " In zoology, deep-sea gigantism is the tendency for species of invertebrates and other deep-sea dwelling animals to be larger than their shallower-water relatives across a large taxonomic range. Proposed explanations for this...
  3. haidut

    The Coming Ice Age

    I posted a few threads on the controversial ideas that the climate change we are seeing is not really global warming but global cooling, with the latter being driven by changes in the Sun's magnetic field. As it turns out, this idea of cyclical Ice Age periods gripping the Earth every 10,000 -...