1. Androsclerosis

    Comfort Zone doesn't exist

    It exists only if you have a family, otherwise being single in a low serotonin state makes you seek novelty which implies changing your environment frequently. The ones that want a change in their lives but they are afraid of it, they live in a hopeless state, usually accompanied with some sort...
  2. haidut

    Playfulness, Novelty, And Leisure Are Vital For Progress And True Knowledge

    About a year ago I made a post arguing that leisure, desire, playfulness and relaxation are vital for learning and knowledge. Leisure And Desire Required For Intelligence, Knowledge And Progress The study below now argues that unstructured play similar to the way children play is absolutely...
  3. haidut

    Novel (learning) Experiences Can Be A Buffer Against Workplace Stress

    As the forum users know rather well by know, novelty seeking and enjoyment are driven by dopamine and require a significant amount of metabolic energy. Most workplaces, especially large corporations, actively discourage novelty- seeking, behavior or personalities due to the firmly entrenched...
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