1. matisvijs

    The Ultimate Source List For Hard-to-Find Nootropics, SARMS, Peptides and PEDs - Free Resource

    Hey, guys, apologies if source talk isn't allowed here but I won't be posting direct links anyways... As a long-time member of this community, I've seen many of you share your incredible journeys in biohacking, striving for peak mental and physical performance. It's inspiring to see the...
  2. Outdoctrination

    Methylene blue video

  3. RenaissanceMan

    CDP-Choline enhances cerebral glucose metabolism, increases cerebral blood flow rate & brain ATP, & decreases the accumulation of lactate in the brain

    I know Ray is against choline supplementation but many nootropics users have had positive experiences with it for improving motivation, memory, and overall cognition. CDP-Choline breaks down into uridine which has many dopaminergic effects on the body as well. @Hans wrote an article on this...
  4. Lokzo

    Boost Your Biology Podcast - Now LIVE

    Hey fam! Just wanted to formally announce my new podcast! Boost Your Biology is presented by Lucas Aoun, founder of Ergogenic Health. I go underground to bring you cutting edge health and human performance hacks that you'll struggle to find on Google. I explore the unexplored to bring you...
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