1. JamesGatz

    Can earplugs or sound-resistant rooms have a positive effect on metabolism in certain environments ? Examining the cortisol increase for loud noises

    I notice that since Peating - I notice "stressors" a lot more - I cannot stand being around a construction site - hearing the sound of a jackhammer or a drill sends me to disarray or someone hammering really stresses me out I also notice that if I'm in a party-like environment - where the...
  2. haidut

    GWAS Predicting Height Were Wrong; Same May Be True For Disease-prediction

    You have to appreciate the synchronicity (Synchronicity - Wikipedia) in nature. Just days after I posted the study on the role of diet in height, another study calls into question the validity of genetic factors in height...
  3. haidut

    Plants Can Hear And Even Speak, And Their Talk Depends On Their Disposition

    The fascinating news about plants just keep on coming. It just looks like the "tree-huggers" may have been right all along - plants may be as alive/conscious as we are, with all of our capacity for listening, discourse, and even emotion. Here is a recent thread that summarizes some of the...
  4. S

    Noise Anxiety - Potassium Deficiency

    Has anyone else got Noise Anxiety??? I am starting to hate peoples voices, everyone is so noisy, I hate traffic noise, bird noise, general activity noise, tv noise etc. its like its done on purpose to bug me!!! Paranoia due to deficiency of something maybe???? I read it could be potassium...
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