1. IPlayDart

    Insane Craving For Sex

    The last days I‘ve been having this insane craving for sex with a young woman my age. Problem is, I cannot fulfill that craving. Currently on day 56 of not ejaculating and it’s driving me nuts. What’s the best place to meet girls and get laid? Not planning on buying a hooker. Any foods or...
  2. RenaissanceMan

    Ejaculation Pro-Metabolic, NoFap Retention Unnatural

    Anyone else notice how they get an urge to eat immediately after blowing a huge load on a girl Usually crave steak, chicken, rice or dark chocolate and whole milk I believe orgasm increases metabolic requirements, hence the elevated appetite Semen retention and NoFap pursuits are unnatural...
  3. lvysaur

    Semen Has Twice The Protein Of Milk

    protein in semen - Google Search What nutrients is my body losing when I ejaculate? - Quora protein in one liter milk - Google Search If you crunch the numbers, 1 liter of milk = 34g protein 1 liter of semen = 51g protein I'm reminded of how prolactin is the "lactation hormone", but it turns...
  4. L

    Injaculation (Retrograde Ejeculation) As A NoFap Substitute

    I think injaculation can be a good substitute for NoFap. You still experience the orgasm, satiety, and relaxation; but you don't experience the low energy, lowered motivation, lowered mental capacity, lowered mood etc. that happen after the ejaculation. The question is, is this dangerous in the...
  5. L

    Is There A Way To Safely Reduce Male Libido?

    Is there a way to reduce a man’s libido without affecting his general well-being? I know Ray said that high estrogen causes "insatiable sexual interest"; but let's assume the man in question doesn't have high estrogen, and is generally healthy.