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  1. Mauritio

    What is your favourite Ray Peat Newsletter ?

    At this point most people should have access to all or almost all newsletters ever written by Ray. Still, that's more than a thousand pages. What's your favorite newsletter so far? Mine, is the one about addiction, called "Biological Balance and Addictions".
  2. Mauritio

    Ray's New Newsletter: Aspirin increases heat shock Proteins (HSP)?

    Ray frames aspirin as anti-calcification substance in his new newsletter ("Gender, Aging & Disease Susceptibility" ) . Looking at the study he cited, it shows that they come to the conclusion that the anti-calcification effect is dependent on an increase in different heat shock proteins (HSPs)...
  3. Energizer

    Newsletter Participation

    In the Back of the Tiger raw interviews Ray sounds a bit let down by how few people have responded to his newsletters with critical inquiry for example by looking into the studies and ideas that have influenced them. For those of us that are subscribed to his newsletter, perhaps we can renew the...