1. haidut

    Fluoride Exposure (in Utero) Lowers IQ

    The news against fluride just keep on coming. Some states in the USA have started legislation to remove fluoride from drinking water. In response, the federal government is threatening to withhold emergency and disaster-relief funding. I wonder why... Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower...
  2. P

    Manganese Speeds Up Honey Bees - Low Dose Mn Increases DA In Bees

    Manganese speeds up honey bees | The Source | Washington University in St. Louis Negative impact of manganese on honeybee foraging
  3. haidut

    Common Additive Titanium Dioxide Is Neurotoxic

    Titanium dioxide is one of the most common additives used in the supplement and drug industry. Ray has mentioned a few times that the particles can get into the bloodstream and cause an allergic reaction, and that is one of the reason Ray avoids is as much as possible. The food and supplement...
  4. haidut

    Estrogen Is Neurotoxic

    Again, if this is well known then how come estrogen therapy is recommended for diseases like MS, Alzheimers, Parkinson, etc? "...Estradiol valerate (EV) treatment has been shown to result in the destruction of 60% of beta-endorphin neurons in the...
  5. S

    Titanium Dioxide, Rapid Neurotoxicity

    Titanium dioxide (P25) produces reactive oxygen species in immortalized brain microglia (BV2): implications for nanoparticle neurotoxicity. Involvement of JNK and P53 activation in G2/M cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induced by titanium dioxide...
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