1. haidut

    Another "paradox" - elevated cortisol, from high-fat diet, increases inflammation

    Over the last year or so I posted about several studies demonstrating that even short-term usage of glucocorticoids may be a double-edged sword. Namely, while it is beyond doubt that, acutely, glucocorticoids suppress inflammation, those studies demonstrated that the glucocorticoids upregulated...
  2. Ringleader

    Has Dextroamphetamine ADHD treatment for 10 months caused higher inflammation, Costochondritis?

    I (late 20s Male) was diagnosed with adult ADHD last year and prescribed Adderall. I have currently been taking 10mg-30mg near daily for almost a year. I am prescribed 20mg 2x/day which I usually only do 10mg 2x/day or 20mg AM-10mg PM or even just 20mg AM, depending on what I have going on. I...
  3. cs3000

    Some info on nerve damage / ALS / multiple sclerosis / neurodegeneration / myelin disorders

    (oligodendrocytes & Schwann cells repair myelin and signal growth factors , but in ALS they are impaired) vitamin b5 (pantothenic acid) Vitamin B5 (d-pantothenic acid) localizes in myelinated structures of the rat brain: Potential role for...
  4. Brooks Esq.

    Lawyer Brain Damaged Desperately Need Input From IdeaLabs Crew

    Hello friends, Many of you are already familiar with my situation, some of you may not be. My name is Brooks. If you click on my profile you will see that I am a former PSSD sufferer and lawyer who was most likely (although we may never truly know) poisoned by the Delaware State Bar :vamp: in...
  5. RenaissanceMan

    Theanine Ameliorates Neuroinflammation And Protects Against Endotoxin-Induced Inflammation and Acute Liver Injury Theanine, a unique bioactive constituent from tea ( Camellia sinensis) leaves, is widely used as a functional ingredient and dietary supplement. To evaluate the anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective effects of theanine and its molecular mechanism, the...
  6. haidut

    Drop In Androgen Levels Causes Parkinson Disease (PD), DHT Reverses It

    Yet another study demonstrating that many of the so-called chronic, degenerative and above all "mysterious" conditions often have quite a simple cause and, potentially, treatment. There is no need for mutated genes or complex interactions of genes with environment that nobody can decipher...
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