1. cs3000

    Silicon dioxide [common in supps] worsens neurogenesis in hippocampus. causes impairment in offspring. +Grape Seed Procyanidins Extract benefits

    The smaller nanoparticles specifically are dangerous. and no way of telling what you're getting with the silicon dioxide often found in supplements Maternal exposure to silicon dioxide nanoparticles reduces hippocampal neurogenesis and synaptogenesis and induces neurodegeneration in rat...
  2. haidut

    Allopregnanolone found safe, may slow brain atrophy from Alzheimer's

    A great new study, which is one of the very few to examine the safety and effectiveness of allopregnanolone in humans. The trial was conducted in patients with Alzheimer Disease (AD) and aimed to establish the safety of various doses of once-weekly allopregnanolone administration, as well as any...
  3. NewACC

    (-) Benzofuranylpropylaminopropan is unknown peaty chemical?

    I had recently dug into the "depths" of pubmed and found two notable and rather unknown substances that could potentially become very peaty. In short, this is one of the most powerful neurotrophic substances I have seen. But it also is anticancer and anti-cortisol drug. The only negative can be...
  4. haidut

    Exercise brain-boost may be due simply to increasing brain selenium levels

    Yet another study demonstrating that many of the "mysterious" benefits of exercise most likely have nothing to do with the (insignificant) amount of extra calories burned, but are due to peripheral effects related to metabolism and redox balance. Namely, the study below investigates the...
  5. Hans

    Alcohol increases neurogenesis

    This was an interesting study that I thought was worth sharing. Many detrimental substances/compounds/neurotransmitters/hormones, are able to increase neurogenesis and are supposed to be beneficial. This study made me think of what Peat said about certain SSRI drugs increasing allopregnanolone...
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