nerve pain

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    Hypersensitivity? Nerve problem after surgery and stress

    Sort of reposting a lingering problem for which we can’t find a solution. After a hair transplant end November 2021 and a period of high stress, I started to experience physical symptoms. The symptom/problem started around mid-December (3-4 weeks after surgery). Started with a burning sensation...
  2. C

    Test Results

    Original Post 'Inability to sleep, chest pain, please help' Inability to sleep, chest pain, please help I am hoping that the smarties on this forum can help me figure out what is going on with my health. I believe it is Neuro Lyme Disease, my doctor does not. What are your thoughts? I know...
  3. S-VV

    Using Thyroid Despite Normal Temps?

    I have normal(ish) temps: 96.8F (36C) when waking up and 98.42F (36.9) after a few hours plus eating, and my heart rate is usually 80-90 bpm. Im dealing primarily with intractable whole body pain (neuropathic, osteoarthritic etc...) of CNS/nervous origen. I also have marked elevations of lactic...
  4. haidut

    Chronic Nerve Pain May Be Caused By Endotoxin, Commercial Food, And Pharma Drugs

    I posted a few threads last year demonstrating that some cases of chronic nerve pain may be caused by a side effects of opioids - activation of TLR4. However, that study only looked at why certain patients using opioids for severe pain go on to develop chronic pain of phantom origin. As such...