1. Nnik

    I have never liked milk - help me

    Hi! I have been loving the freedom of eating in Ray Peat inspired ways after switching from a restrictive low carb, high protein diet that all the popular “health” people are promoting these days. However, milk has been a struggle for me. People have said to start of slow but as a child and...
  2. C

    Feedback on my labs: Low Ferritin, Low T4, High Inflammation Markers, etc.

    Hi all I’d love some feedback about my labs in relation to my symptoms, and also suggestions for how I can improve. I’ve included US results from October and European results from Nov 2022. Note: When converted from metric to imperial, there are likely some differences due to an increase of...
  3. techmo

    I need get vac to proceed my career, what can i do to avoid "side effects"?

    i need to move to another country to get a decent job but i don't get any vac as Peat said, given the number of harmful effects it has been causing, they should have already been removed from circulation or at least not required a health passport. i'm very afraid about the effects, my family is...
  4. A

    Help with Weightloss

    Hello! I am a 20-year-old female that has been learning and trying slowly to understand how to help my metabolism. Right now my weight is 203lbs and my height is 5'10. I have been conflicted with my body image as I feel as though I have a mom bod, although I do know health overall is a better...
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