1. M

    Proven Ways To Boost Testosterone In Males

    Good Morning! Any lifestyle & diet habits to help raise testosterone into the 900s? That are proven? Either science or personal experimentation through supplements or food etc
  2. IPlayDart

    Fat Tastes Disgusting

    If humans are supposed to eat a high- fat diet, why does fat taste so unbearably disgusting? You just get an instant puke reflex when ingesting fat into you mouth. It only gets bearable when adding carbs or lots of spices. Protein makes it taste okay, but you still get that disgusting fat taste...
  3. tastyfood

    Women of the forum: What are your favorite Peat-y make-up products?

    This is a question for the women from the forum with experience buying make-up and grooming products that are not full of nasties. It is my partner's birthday next month, and I wanted to make her a gift revolving make-up and beauty products. Everything she uses now has some kind of nasty...
  4. BearWithMe

    Diets, habits, behaviors and wisdom of indigenous people and ancient civilizations

    I would like to learn how people lived before the industrialization and "westernization" of our world. I'm curious how they ate, slept, socialized, breathed, how their families and relationships looked like, how their music sounded like, what they were doing in their free time, how they treated...
  5. BearWithMe

    Don't use the natural crystal deodorant stone. That s**t is 25% aluminium

    Yes, it is natural. But it is also made of aluminium, potassium and sulfate in 1 : 1 : 2 ratio. Which is waaaaaaay more aluminium than you usually find in regular deodorant formulas.
  6. haidut

    Having SARS-CoV-2 confers MUCH stronger immunity than vaccines, and it may last a lifetime

    Yet another "conspiracy theory" turns out to be true. Namely, getting exposed to SARS-CoV-2 and developing antibodies from the resulting infection confers much stronger (and longer lasting) immunity than getting jabbed with the experimental DNA therapy shots. Considering the latter have so far...
  7. haidut

    More than 94% of UK adults have COVID-19 antibodies

    A shocking news article, which would have immediately ended any discussions about lockdowns, social distancing, vaccine passports, etc due to herd immunity...if it was published back in early 2020, but not now. Why? Well, the powers that be have changed the definition of herd immunity and now...
  8. haidut

    About 40% Of People With Severe Depression Recover Naturally And Completely

    This study combined with the one I just posted on the dangers of SSRI should make anyone seriously think about what (if any) drug to consider for depression. It reminds me of the study that 80% of the people with "severe" addiction recover on their own completely and do not need any drugs or...