1. haidut

    IdeaLabs Service - Steroid Analysis (hair and/or (toe)nail)

    Note (5/27/2022): This launch is Part I of a two-part service - steroid analysis in hair or nails. While we have confirmed our ability to analyze steroids in both types of samples, nail steroid analysis is still in its scientific infancy and there are very few publications on the topic. As such...
  2. F

    Thyroid supplementation causes low temps and brittle nails?

    I’ve been taking a low dose of l-thyrox (25mg t4) for a little over three weeks. It does give me more energy overall but my temps have been down by 0,3 degrees (Celsius) since starting it and my nails are super brittle all of a sudden. I haven’t changed anything else. Has anyone experienced...
  3. miraddo

    Miraddo's thoughts

    Hi Guys, I will be posting my thoughts and research findings related to metabolism and skin health. Ray Peat, Danny Roddy, and Georgi DInkov have been really helpful in my journey and I have incorporated alot of ideas from them. That being said this log will be me following my own lines of...
  4. R

    Unhealthy looking hands and nails.

    Incredibly unhealthy looking hands/nails. Sorry to post a pic of these unsightly hands nails but I need some help. Anyone have any ideas on what is causing these hands/nails. I like many other believe that the nails are the reflection of ones health and if that’s the case I’m in bad shape. Other...
  5. J

    Help Desperately Needed: Ridged Fingernails!

    I don't know when this started, but it's bothering me a lot. I have these pretty pronounced vertical ridge-like structures in my fingernails. It was pretty hard to photograph, but I tried my best at it and editing it a bit to make them more easily visible: It may not look like much, but they...