1. Koveras

    Aspirin, Mucin-2, Nafld & Colitis

    As usual - reading a random article took me in many directions, gave me more questions than answers, and an appreciation for the complexity of life Takeaways, thoughts and questions -Mucin-2 is a major component of the intestinal mucous layer -Mucin-2 deficient mice have lower serum endotoxin...
  2. haidut

    Fungal Sugar (trehalose) May Treat Fatty Liver Disease

    Ray wrote in one of his recent newsletters about mushrooms and their beneficial effects on human health (if well cooked). In particular, he wrote about the sugar trehalose found exclusively in mushrooms and how it stabilizes the cells of the animals that eat it. This study now says that eating...
  3. N

    Vitamin D: A New Player In Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?

    We talk a lot on the forum about the liver, fatty liver, etc. Probably I've missed it, but I haven't seen a whole lot of discussion about the liver and vitamin D. I haven't finished reading this myself... Vitamin D: A new player in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? Myrto Eliades and Elias...
  4. haidut

    Low Dose Niacinamide Prevents NAFLD / Cirrhosis

    The study used an animal model that is genetically engineered to develop liver fibrosis (cirrhosis) . The human equivalent dose of niacinamide was only 3mg/kg and study duration was 6 weeks. Niacinamide not only fully prevented liver fibrosis but also lowered all markers of liver damage to the...
  5. natedawggh

    Uridine Monophosphate For Fatty Liver/weight Problems/depression/anxiety/insomnia

    From a Ray Peat view of the organism (humans), it is generally viewed that all degenerative conditions are interrelated in one way or another. As is in my experience, mental and physical problems go hand in hand and rarely ever present singularly. The major themes of my struggles have been...
  6. haidut

    Methylene Blue (MB) Reverses Fatty Liver Disease

    This study was in mice, but the results were so positive that the authors are working in setting up a clinical trial of methylene blue for the treatment of fatty liver disease - a condition that afflicts approximately 40%-60% of the population in the USA. Many Peatarians also struggle with poor...
  7. N

    Research Rediscovers Dnp: Reverses Nafld And Type 2 Diabetes (in Rats) ... sease-rats
  8. haidut

    High Protein Diet Prevents & Reverses Fatty Liver Disease (steatosis)

    A high protein diet (35% of calories) completely prevented fatty liver disease (steatosis) and reversed existing one caused by high fat diet (45% of calories). Assuming a 2000 calorie diet, 35% protein is 175g, which is not that much and achievable with food alone. So, for the people who cannot...