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  1. haidut

    Risk of COVID-19 infection myocarditis not higher compared to other viruses

    I am posting this as something corroborating Peat's comments that the risks of many so-called "long" COVID-19 after-effects and pathologies is not higher compared to the risk caused by infection with other viruses. Myocarditis is probably the most commonly mentioned risk of getting a COVID-19...
  2. P

    Anyonelse get myocarditis who is unjabbed .

    I know myocarditis is more common amongst the jabbed , but I’ve seen a few people on this forum get it from being unjabbed ( being around the jabbed probably) . I also got it back in late January , I’m just writing this thread to see how common is it amongst the unjabbed and what solutions you...
  3. H

    Heart/Chest pain post COVID [myocarditis]? Help needed please

    Hi guys hope you're all well. Recently both me and my brother contracted COVID or w/e . I'm unvaccinated ofcourse but he isn't. After a horrible first week (but still very minor in the grand scheme of things, I've had way worse viruses) we have both recovered but I continue to have cold...
  4. Mauritio

    97.8% of Adolescents with Myocarditis had an mRNA COVID-19 Shot / mRNA vaccines increase myocarditis likelihood by over 36%

    In this study the American heart association shows that 97.8% of young adults/ adolescents with myocarditis had gotten a mRNA vaccine! "Suspected myocarditis occurred in 136 patients (97.8%) following mRNA vaccine..." If this was also the vaccination rate in that age group there wouldn't be...