1. haidut

    Epstein's long-time associate found dead in prison (also hanged)

    At this point the story is getting absurdly obvious. I wonder why they are even bothering with an "explanation". How is it possible for an inmate, in a cell of high-security prison, under camera surveillance 24x7 (and possibly on suicide watch) to "hang" himself!?? It makes me wonder if the...
  2. Peatful

    We CAN help the children! (?)

    URGENT: On February 15th the FDA will meet to discuss EUA for 6 month to 5 year olds receiving the vxx. Pfizer-BioNtech itself says it’s not ready- but the White House is pushing for it. Comments that you leave on the link provided- if received before February 10th- WILL be indeed read and...
  3. haidut

    What's up with the ongoing suicides of cops involved in 1/6 events??

    This is more of an eyebrow raising article than solid evidence that something is afoul. Yet, still - four suicides (or should I say "suicides") of cops directly involved on the ground during the 1/6 events, and also a large number of resignations of other cops who are on the ground that day and...
  4. haidut

    Johnson & Johnson Concealed For Decades Its Baby Powder Had Asbestos

    It is hard to get more nefarious than that. Apparently, not only did Johnson & Johnson (J&J) sell baby powder laced with asbestos but it knew about it for several decades and did everything it could to prevent the information from leaking to the public. Keep in mind, this is on top of the...
  5. haidut

    SSRI Drugs Linked To At Least 28 Murders, Including Mass Shootings In USA

    I posted a number of threads on the dangerous "side" effects of the SSRI class of drugs. The reason I put "side" in quotes is that considering their pro-serotonergic profile these are not really side effects but expected results along the main known mechanism of action of those drugs. Serotonin...
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