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multiple sclerosis

  1. Giraffe

    Could The Covid-'Vaccine' Make Females Infertile?

    Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg raised this question. Corona viruses use spike proteins to get entry to the cell. The mRNA covid-'vaccines' are designed to make your cells produce something like these spike proteins, and this shall encourage the body to produce antibodies against those spike proteins...
  2. noqcks

    Supplementation For Multiple Sclerosis

    My sister has Multiple Sclerosis. She hasn't been following a lot of the doctor prescribed treatment because she doesn't trust doctors (agreed). But her symptoms are getting worse and the doctors are now pushing her to try what is essentially a chemotherapy drug. I've talked with her and she's...
  3. haidut

    MS Tied To Glucose Deficiency Due To Endotoxin And Fat, Extra Glucose May Treat It

    Just a few days ago I posted the groundbreaking study on metabolic derangement in ALS - i.e. it is a diseased characterized by increased FAO, which wastes glucose. Simply increasing dietary glucose was able to greatly restrain the pathology...
  4. haidut

    Almost 20% Of Multiple Sclerosis Diagnoses Wrong; Treated With Dangerous Drugs

    As many forum users may have noticed, there has been a dramatic increase in celebrities announcing they or a loved one have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). The condition affects the central and peripheral nervous system and can lead to profound muscle weakness requiring the use of...
  5. haidut

    Pregnenolone Is A Potent (functional) Endotoxin (TLR4) Antagonist

    It seems that pregnenolone is finally starting to look exciting to the medical industry. In addition for its intensive studies for a variety of mental issues, now studies are coming out demonstrating its endotoxin (LPS) antagonism effects. As most forum users know, endotoxin exerts its effects...
  6. haidut

    Low-dose Aspirin Blocks Multiple Sclerosis (MS) And Reverses Its Damage

    A few years ago I posted a study showing that 1.2g aspirin daily greatly ameliorated fatigue in MS patients and was considered safe enough even at that high dose to be recommended for daily use. Sunlight And Aspirin Can Treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS) However, those studies did not look at...
  7. haidut

    Taurine And T3 As Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    As most of the forum users know, MS is a chronic demyelination disease for which there is officially no cure. However, it is know that pregnant women experience complete remission and the condition exacerbates post-pregnancy, which emphasizes the protective role of progesterone and the...
  8. A

    Biotin Can Distort Thyroid Lab Testing

    High dose biotin supplements can falsely elevate TSH or other thyroid lab tests. @Koveras discussed this in March, but maybe a separate post can emphasize the concern. Confusing Blood Tests - High FT3 And FT4 And High TSH This is ONLY a caution about interpreting thyroid LAB tests with recent...
  9. haidut

    Sunlight And Aspirin Can Treat Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    The link between sunlight exposure and incidence of MS is well-known and strongly pointed to a metabolic origin of the disease as early as the 1960s. It led to a few underpowered trials with low dose vitamin D, which did not find much benefit. However, a recent trial with a higher dose (10,000...
  10. haidut

    5α-Dihydroprogesterone (5α-DHP) - Potent Role In Neurodegenerative Conditions

    While researching saturated steroids and their effects on the brain, I noticed a number of highly promosing studies demonstrating benefit of such steroid for a variety of neurodegenerative conditions such as MS, ALS, Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc. Ray has written extensively on the topic of...
  11. haidut

    Demyelinating Conditions Like MS Can Be Treated By Androgens

    Ray wrote quite a bit on the topic of estrogen as a causative factor in demyelination and progesterone / pregnenolone as remyelinating agents. I posted an animal study recently on using DHT to completely reverse the pathology of the MS that model...
  12. haidut

    Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Can Be Caused Quite Easily By Change In Hormones

    If you ask a neurologist she/he will tell you that nobody knows the cause of MS, and if you ask about the role of hormones the doctor will probably give you blank stare and flatly deny that they have a causative or therapeutic role (except for cortisol as acute treatment). Ray, on the other...
  13. DaveFoster

    Aspirin To Treat MS

    “Aspirin protects against a variety of inflammatory processes, but it’s most famous for the inhibition of prostaglandins. While aspirin is often used to relieve pain in MS, and another inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis, indomethacin, has been used therapeutically in MS, it would seem...
  14. haidut

    Positive Impact Of Vitamin B3 On CVD Is Not Due To Lowering Cholesterol

    Comparisons with treatment with niacin to raise HDL and lower LDL has been considered the gold-standard for all new statin drugs. However, it has been shown that both niacin and niacinamide have the same protective effects on cardiovascular disease (CVD) despite the fact that niacinamide has...
  15. haidut

    "Natural" Gut Flora May Cause Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    I must have gotten over 500 emails over the last year angrily reproaching me for talking negatively on the Danny Roddy shows about the "beneficial" gut flora in humans. I even got a few angry phone calls from actual MD professionals saying that the "science" behind beneficial effects of the...
  16. S

    Pain Causes Relapse In A Model Of Multiple Sclerosis

    A pain-mediated neural signal induces relapse in murine autoimmune encephalomyelitis, a multiple sclerosis model
  17. haidut

    Biotin As A Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    I posted a study some time ago showing that biotin dramatically increases CO2 production from glucose and as a result increases ATP levels several fold. It was an in vitro study and when I calculated the dosage I freaked out b/c my numbers were showing a human would need at least 200mg biotin to...
  18. haidut

    Raising Levels Of Nad+ Reverses Damage Of Diseases Like Ms

    The study author says that this should apply to virtually all auto-immune conditions (including allergies), not just MS. Raising levels of NAD+ in the body both reduced the severity of new disease onset, and also reversed the damage caused by already established disease...
  19. haidut

    Intestinal barrier damage linked to MS

    Another chronic disease linked to endotoxin. http://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/o.o.i.s ... 1&id=24890
  20. haidut

    Caffeine inhibits the progress of MS

    Niacinamide is another such substance and seems to work synergistically with caffeine. This duo has shown effectiveness in virtually all major "autoimmune" diseases - i.e. MS, lupus, RA, diabetes (Type I), etc. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19879252