1. haidut

    Vitamin E May Prevent/treat Asthma

    I think this study is very important simply because currently there are no truly safe treatments for asthma AND the study was conducted on humans. As many forum users have seen on TV ads, virtually all drugs for asthma control increase the risk of death related to asthma. In some cases the onset...
  2. haidut

    Ammonia May Be The Direct Cause Of Ulcers In The Stomach

    The official cause of stomach ulcers is of course still H. pylori infection but up until now the exact mechanism through which the bacteria damages the mucosa was not known. It seems that the bacteria is really good at breaking down urea into ammonia and CO2 and it is the ammonia which does the...
  3. Koveras

    Aspirin, Mucin-2, Nafld & Colitis

    As usual - reading a random article took me in many directions, gave me more questions than answers, and an appreciation for the complexity of life Takeaways, thoughts and questions -Mucin-2 is a major component of the intestinal mucous layer -Mucin-2 deficient mice have lower serum endotoxin...
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