1. K

    Dengue mosquito bites?

    Hey all! Had dinner last night poolside at a resort in Punta Sam, Mexico. We’ve been here for several days and had only gotten a couple mosquito bites, but as the sun went down last eve we were essentially swarmed. We applied spray, but the bugs were quick and got us each a few times first...
  2. ddjd

    Is Susceptibility To Mosquito Bites A Good Or Bad Sign?

    ive noticed if I take my b6 pyridoxine + zinc combination I am pretty much have zero susceptibility to mosquito bites and my girlfriend could get 10-20 bites lying right next to me in bed. the next night I took my copper supplement and I was bitten 10 times! repeated the test. took b6 + zinc...
  3. Hugh Johnson

    Fatty Acids In Anopheline Mosquito Larvae And Their Habitats

    I doubt mosquitoes will bite people whose blood will not feed their larvae. So pufa-deficiency might protect from mosquitoes.
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