1. Recoen

    Elliot Overton- TTFD And GSH

    “Why are some people unable to tolerate the TTFD form of thiamine? Did you know that TTFD temporarily depletes glutathione? In this short series, we will be examining some of the potential reasons why certain individuals experience negative reactions and side effects from TTFD supplementation...
  2. P

    Relationship Between The Blood Concentration Of Several Metals &Endocrine Disorders Of Aging Males

    Analysis of the relationship between the blood concentration of several metals, macro- and micronutrients and endocrine disorders associated with m... - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Beyond 30 years of age, men experience a decline in the production of testosterone, yet only a few develop late-onset...
  3. Morning Star

    Molybdenum, Hard To Pronounce, Harder Still To Obtain

    Well not really. A host of natural foods are rich in this element. Oats, lentils navy beans, chickpeas. Problem of course is that these items are horribly estrogenic if one were to eat them in quantities sufficient to obtain a proper amount of Mo. Following a peat inspired diet will...