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  1. UG Krishnamurti

    More lipofuscin after being LOW PUFA for 2 years

    2 years ago I started being almost fruitarian [medical medium style]. Eating tons of fruits and developed 1 lipofuscin mole on my stomach. I did that diet for 6 months and than switched to Ray Peat. So very low PUFA for 2 years now. Today I've developed about 20 lipofuscin moles on my face and...
  2. EndAllDisease

    RP Email Advice Comment: Moles

    Last week I emailed Ray the following question: Hey Dr. Peat! I have been reading your articles and listening to your radio shows like crazy lately, I just can't get enough. Thank you for your work, it means more to me than I can describe in words. Anyways, I have more moles on my body than...
  3. J

    Moles, DHEA, Etc

    Source Moles, DHEA, Etc Everyone knows what a mole is, but no one understands what a mole really is. Moles are interesting because they are simultaneously normal and a little abnormal. But it seems that no one has taken them seriously enough to study them very scientifically. At least, I don't...