1. cs3000

    The different impact between Vitamin E forms on cancer growth

    estrogen stimulated breast cancer (desirable effect from alpha, delta, gamma, or gamma mixed tocopherols) 0.2% of diet (>1g tocopherol human?) alpha slowed estrogen cancer, gamma and delta performed better. but mixed tocopherols high in...
  2. E

    Plus one on Dr Peat’s mole remover

    Hey All, Just wanted to give an n=1 on mole removal. Noticed a new mole forming this summer on my right temple, (just outside my eye) and decided to try DHEA on it as Peat suggested many times. Just like he said, the next day the mole was nearly nonexistent, and within about three days it was...
  3. UG Krishnamurti

    More lipofuscin after being LOW PUFA for 2 years

    2 years ago I started being almost fruitarian [medical medium style]. Eating tons of fruits and developed 1 lipofuscin mole on my stomach. I did that diet for 6 months and than switched to Ray Peat. So very low PUFA for 2 years now. Today I've developed about 20 lipofuscin moles on my face and...
  4. EndAllDisease

    RP Email Advice Comment: Moles

    Last week I emailed Ray the following question: Hey Dr. Peat! I have been reading your articles and listening to your radio shows like crazy lately, I just can't get enough. Thank you for your work, it means more to me than I can describe in words. Anyways, I have more moles on my body than...
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