1. Hans

    Milk: pro-dopamine or pro-serotonin?

    View: What's your experience with milk (if you digest it well)? I always feel good after some milk. Great stuff imo!
  2. Hans

    Here’s how to get all your vitamins and minerals without vegetables

    I've gotten this question quite frequently. It's actually very simple to get all your micros without eating any veggies. But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you have to avoid veggies entirely (as long as they're not gut-irritating), they can taste absolutely great for sure. But many people...
  3. D

    Anti-Peat Blood diet

    No, it's not about that popular diet by blood type) This Russian guy has his own YouTube channel. What he does is simple: he eats/drinks something, then takes his blood and looks at it through a microscope. You can judge by two parameters: the flow of blood and the state of red blood cells...
  4. joshquintanilla

    Lucerne 1% Milk does not contain emulsifiers

    Good news everybody. I contacted Albertsons/ Safeway about Lucerne 1% and what emulsifiers they use (the company owns Lucerne). It’s the same brand Ray used to/still drinks and I can see why because it does have a pleasing aftertaste that others milks do not have, After about a week waiting to...
  5. deliciousfruit

    Why can I only tolerate whole milk?

    I've been drinking about 1.5 liters of whole milk a day for a few months, and I've gained quite a lot of weight, mostly in the belly. I also struggle to get enough protein in my diet because it's hard to drink any more whole milk than 1.5 litres a day, and milk is one of the only protein sources...
  6. H

    I am lactose intolerant - Goat's Milk, Cow's Milk, Sheep's Milk & Casein. What now?

    Hello! I recently took a Food Intolerance test and I discovered I can't tolerate Goat's Milk, Cow's Milk, Sheep's Milk & Casein. The doctor told me to give my body a break from milk for three months so it can rebuild producing the lactase enzymes and see how I feel from there. In the meantime...
  7. RealNeat

    Ray Peat Interview My 2nd podcast episode with Ray (recorded 10/29) released today.

    It was awesome having Ray on again. He was a big inspiration for me even starting the podcast, I really want to help people become exposed to his information especially in our current state of affairs. This was truly a podcast marathon, lots of rabbit holes, questions and interesting insights...
  8. username

    Is it normal to get very pale stools from drinking lots of milk?

    I have consumed dairy regularly over the years, so it is nothing new for my body, but I never thought to ask if the pale stools were normal. I just assumed that it was, but so much is off about my digestion, so I figured I'd come here to ask. I get VERY pale stools from milk (whole or skim)...
  9. S

    Liquid Alternatives

    I live in a hot and humid climate and I feel a strong urge to drink fluids throughout the day. Since I started peating (I have been consuming a lot more salt than before), I started to feel less desire to drink liquids throughout the day, I stopped drinking pure water, nowadays I only drink...
  10. C

    Impossible Milk Is Incoming

    Impossible Foods Is Now Developing a Plant-Based Alternative to Cow's Milk
  11. metabolizm

    Milk Tongue

    I've been drinking more milk than normal (not a huge amount by any means), and have noticed that my tongue has acquired a white coating. It seems to disappear when I stop drinking milk for a few days. It's unsightly and not easy to scrub off. Do any of you milk drinkers have this same problem?
  12. W

    Milk Causing Digestive Issues

    hi I've recently started following ray peat. I started consuming milk again after not doing so at all since childhood and my digestion hasn't been able to handle it. I did a round of minocycline and took camphosol with charcoal as well. I'm currently on my second round of mincocycline about 2...
  13. Hans

    I Got 99 Problems, But The Estrogen In Milk Ain’t One

    To all the dairy lovers out there...and the dairy haters... Just did an article on the estrogen content in milk if you're interested to check it out, here's the link: I got 99 problems, but the estrogen in milk ain't one » MenElite Feel free to share your own preference and experience with milk.
  14. Hgreen56

    Why Is Peat A Fan Of Milk With All The Unhealthy Opioids In It?

    Notes Toward An "Optimal Peat Diet" So peat is a fan of milk, but why? opioids in milk or other dairy foods have lots of side effects. - increase prolactin - increase estrogen - lower dopamine - cause autism Opioid Peptides: An...
  15. J

    Acne Breakout After Quitting Dairy

    I just quit dairy, because my digestion wasnt that good. The dairy felt quite heavy in the stomach (especially raw milk; raw milk gave me quite a bit of bloating; whole milk yoghurt was fine) and during that time my skin looked pretty good. Since I've stopped the dairy again my face has been...
  16. Twohandsondeck

    Is The Fat Content Of Grain-fed Milk More Estrogen Than Grass-fed?

    I know that the fat content of the meat is more estrogenic when a cow is fed grain, but is the milk also even though the cow has 7 stomachs, rumen, etc?
  17. P

    Skeletal Muscle Phosphatidylcholine And Phosphatidylethanolamine Are Related To Insulin Sensitivity

    And the difference is big! 100% and 50% for each ,compared to subjects with higher insulin sensitivity. Egg yolks/milk and liver are rich source of these phospholipids. But yolks are the richest. Skeletal muscle phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine are related to insulin...
  18. haidut

    Children Drinking Whole Milk Are Leaner Than Ones Drinking Skim Or Low Fat Milk

    I know Peat has mentioned a few times that people do not drink whole milk, but it appears the extra calories from whole milk are actually not the issue in weight gain, at least not in children. As I posted in my thread on the endotoxin theory of CVD, obesity is an endocrine disorder driven by...
  19. michael94

    Free-Z-Ing Milk

    Effect of pasteurization and of freezing and thawing human milk on its triglyceride content. - PubMed - NCBI Another important point is that when milk thaws the solids will separate from the ice which gives on the option of consuming a lower water content, sweeter milk.
  20. C

    Phytoestrogens In Soy Vs. Estrogens In Milk

    [ moderator edit: posts moved from Estrogen In Milk ] I can conclusively say that milk without a doubt is the best and least estrogenic protein source out there. I kind of laugh when I hear this stuff because America is inundated with soy protein and oils as an alternate to animal sources and...