1. mantq

    [Carbs and Muscle Glycogen]

    Hey everyone! I have a rather different question (series of questions) at hand, to put simply - what would be the best carbs in terms of staying within the 'PEATY REALM' and optimizing physical performance? First thing that comes to mind is starch, but isn't starch bad per se? Carbs make my...
  2. Nnik

    I have never liked milk - help me

    Hi! I have been loving the freedom of eating in Ray Peat inspired ways after switching from a restrictive low carb, high protein diet that all the popular “health” people are promoting these days. However, milk has been a struggle for me. People have said to start of slow but as a child and...
  3. Twohandsondeck

    A testimony pertaining to milk

    Something I shared elsewhere recently. After a second thought, I figure it's worth sharing here, too: About 3 years ago today I, being overwhelmed by thoughts of an inability to deal with the acts which happen in the darkness of this world, came to the end of myself. Debilitated on my face, I...
  4. :M :B.

    Grocery outlet milk added vitamin details: Washington State.

    I thought maybe the Milk was one of the 4 nontoxic things sold at Grocery outlet in Washington State. Country Morning Farms, Inc. adds the vitamins to their milk and Terry's Dairy distributes it. They have contracts with schools and all sorts of places for the milk. Grocery outlet is one of...
  5. blackface

    Does the quality of dairy and milk matter?

    I would like to know if you do care about the quality of the milk and dairy products you eat. Because I do eat a lot of dairy from supermarket (milk, quark cheese, cottage, greek yogurt). And I know that the milk here is homogenized and pasteurized. Also its has to come from some poor quality...
  6. Limon9

    The Ray Peat Hospital Diet

    . . . by which I mean the liquidy (hopefully not intravenous) basal diet: - One quart of orange juice - One or two quarts of 1%-fat milk - Two or three ounces of hard cheese - One carrot - Coconut oil - Beef liver/seafood intermittently - Salt to taste. (extras: gelatin, coffee, one egg)...
  7. Sapien

    Just found out about emulsifiers in fortified milk, best alternative for casein protein?

    Seems as though nothing is untainted in our modern food supply, such a disgrace. what are best alternatives to fortified milk? Some solutions I have thought of were powdered milk ( is that fortified? Hard to tell.) , cheese (although I think peat cautions against most cheeses due to the...
  8. Hans

    Juice up your testosterone with potassium What is your favorite high-potassium food? Mine is definitely milk and kiwi. OJ is also good, but since I juice my own, it's only available around winter.
  9. ThisWorld

    Switched to soy milk

    I switched to vegan type of milks from the alpro brand, and I digest it much better than normal whole milk which gives me massive diarrhea. According to cronometer it has less pufa than normal whole milk. Anyone with similar experiences as me?
  10. DDRB

    Heavy phlegm when I drink milk or fruit juice.

    Every time I drink fruit juice (especially citrus fruits), eat these fruits or drink milk, I have to quickly go to the sink to spit up large phlegm. It happens a few sips after another. Why? Is it a gastric acid problem or something like that?
  11. haidut

    Milk or water are optimal drinks for (oral) vitamin D bioavailability

    Just a quick post about something I thought many people will probably find interesting, considering the widespread use of oral vitamin D supplements. The findings of the study are a bit surprising, considering that vitamin D is one of the "fat-soluble" vitamins and as such is expected to be...
  12. A

    Fatty acid profiles of milk from Holstein cows, Jersey cows, buffalos, yaks, humans, goats, camels, and donkeys ABSTRACT Due to the diversity and limitation of determination methods, published data on the fatty acid (FA) compositions of different milk samples have contributed to inaccurate comparisons. In this study, we developed a high-throughput gas...
  13. F

    Milk + oysters

    I’m hearing a buzz on Facebook that Ray said having Milk and oysters together makes thyroid. How can this be? How much would be needed to equal 100 mg. of Natural Dessicated Thyroid?
  14. L

    (HELP) Pregnancy Troubles

    Hey, My wife got pregnant 2 months ago and now I am concerned about what should she not take. She is on a "Peat's diet" since november 2021. After pregnancy, she is having issues to digest milk. Overall, she eats milk, OJ, potatoes, fruits, white rice, sugar, fish, red meat, liver, bread...
  15. orangeUglad

    "PLANT BASED" being pushed like I've never seen!!!

    Working in a health food store I have noticed the "plant based" foods being pushed like never before. I noticed yesterday we now carry almost nothing in the frozen foods that doesn't say "plant based". I read the ingredients of these items and they are replacing meat and dairy with soy and cheap...
  16. PeatandPotatoes

    Local pasteurized milk feed their cows this, is this a concern?

    Near me their is a brand of milk that is ”low temperature vat pasteurized” and non homogenized. They have whole milk, 2%, skim,etc. with no added vitamins. Their cows do eat grass but are also fed a feed, this is what it says about the feed on their website “Our lactating cows eat about 100...
  17. Apple

    Maasai kids (high milk consumption) are iron deficient with a high prevalence of chronic inflammation and intestinal damage

    This study compares preschoolers from two tribes (Kamba and Maasai). Kamba children on "iron fortified cereal with low milk diet" are healthier than Maasai kids on "high milk diet" 38 percent of the Maasai preschoolers had anaemia, almost all of which was associated with iron deficiency ...
  18. Vajra

    Becoming aversive to milk and eggs?

    For 2 weeks or so I've been doing a bit of a SIBO cleanse with berberine, oregano oil, black cumin seed extract, and flowers of sulfur for a few days at the start. This is the only factor that has really changed in my diet. My tongue has very gradually become less white. Dairy, aside from salty...
  19. Apple

    Is lactose free milk safe ? (galactose may be toxic)

    Lactose-free milk has been treated with lactase, which breaks down the lactose into simple sugars - glucose and galactose. But then there is Galactosemia , the inability to metabolize Galactose. Galactose builds up in blood and organs , causing: jaundice (Yellow skin and whites of the eyes)...
  20. sibyloftherhine

    New Study Reveals that Lactoferrin Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Infection

    The study is available here. To quote the abstract:
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