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  1. vrd2107

    I just got back from Mexico and Mexican Coke was nowhere to be found 😩

    I just spent the past 8 days in Mexico on the Pacific coast in the Nayarit Riviera (the sunlight was incredible). Everywhere I went there was no ‘real’ Mexican coke. I read the ingredients on the cans of coke I could find and they were made with high fructose corn syrup and not cane sugar. It’s...
  2. K

    Dengue mosquito bites?

    Hey all! Had dinner last night poolside at a resort in Punta Sam, Mexico. We’ve been here for several days and had only gotten a couple mosquito bites, but as the sun went down last eve we were essentially swarmed. We applied spray, but the bugs were quick and got us each a few times first...
  3. K

    Buying Medication From Mexico

    I'm wondering which Farmacia del Nino people are buying medications from. I purchased cynomel almost a year ago from farmaciasdelnino.mx, but had forgotten that site when I needed to order some penicillin. I ended up on a different site, farmaciadelnino.net and have had a ridiculous time trying...