methylene blue

  1. C

    Methylene blue makes hair completely white. Why?

    Hi guys, i have noticed something strange. When i use MB directly on my hair (4mg) before shower, keeping it 10 minutes, after 2 days i have some white hair all over my head. And then they start to fall off, all of them. Anyone knows why this happen? Thanks:)
  2. maillol

    T3, Methylene Blue and Prolactin

    Peat city
  3. haidut

    Rising use of methylene blue in India as COVID-19 prevention/treatment

    As it appears, the general population is starting waking up. In addition to news about India, I also noticed that most methylene blue (MB) vendors on Amazon are commonly sold out or have messages saying the product is "unavailable". Large chemical suppliers like Sigma Aldrich are also routinely...
  4. R

    Suppliers Thread - Supplements, heatlth foods, pharmaceuticals, other products

    hey all. I'm thinking it would be good to compile a list of suppliers of various things (good foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals, red lights etc). I think this would help members find the best suppliers in their area and also help to find some harder to acquire options. It could look something...
  5. Sam321

    Elevator pitch for Methylene Blue.

    Could someone (@haidut) give me an elevator pitch for Methylene Blue? What its good for. What it's uses are. Testimonials, etc. I'm seeing alot of scattered info about it and am interested in it.
  6. NodeCerebri

    Methylene Blue lowering nitric oxide too much?

    I want to add methylene blue to my daily stack, currently at about 300 mcg. It is bearable right now, but I think the nitric oxide lowering effects are increasing my blood pressure. -I want to up the dose, but scared of too high BP then. -I also want to up the dose, but everything above 400 mcg...
  7. P

    Methylene Blue On Hairline + Scar Reduction/help?

    Anyone ever used Methylene Blue on hairline? I used to dermastamp aggressively and created scar issue unfortunately. Thus I am looking to minimize/reverse some of that damage if at all possible. Would applying Methylene Blue on areas of the scalp where I created scar tissue, be helpful? (wound...
  8. N

    Safe To Use Infrared Sauna When Taking Methylene Blue?

    I remember some people said that taking methylene blue with red light therapy is not ok, I think it was something about DNA damage. I am wondering if it is safe to use infrared sauna when taking methylene blue.
  9. Soren

    Help Can't Eat Anything Debilitating Excess Saliva

    Long story short whenever I eat pretty much anything my body starts to produce excess saliva often to the point where it causes me to vomit. This has developed over the past 3 months and slowly got worse but yesterday it really was the worst ever. I ate a pizza and about 40 minutes later I threw...
  10. TacoVampire

    Waterpik And Methylene Blue

    HI all! Has anyone tried using their waterpik with MB?. I have oxidal and wondering if a drop into 20 ounces of warm water will do the trick? thanks!
  11. B

    Methylene Blue And Red Light Cure Tinea Versicolor

    Many people deal with recurrent yeast infections that cause skin discoloration. Although most of the yeast that cause this are harmless, those people are often prescribed poisonous, estrogenic drugs like Ketoconazole. Methylene blue in conjunction with red light therapy has well known antifungal...
  12. O

    COVID-19 Should Be A Methylene Blue “promoter”
  13. Mauritio

    Methylene Blue Increases Thyroid , Decreases Estrogen And Prolactin

    This study shows that MB increases thyroid hormone T4, decreases prolactin and is antagonistic to estrogen . It has already been shown that mb is an aromatase inhibitors, but this showed that it's also an antagonist in a more functional way ,meaning antagonizing estrogens functions like...
  14. B

    DMSO-Hematoxylon (Another Dye For The Win?)

    @haidut Last night I opened up Dr. Morton Walker's book DMSO-Nature's Healer where my attention was piqued in the chapter concerning cancer that mentioned DMSO combined with Hematoxylin having promise with treating cancer. Now I bring this up to the forum, not specifically as regards cancer...
  15. noqcks

    Methylene Blue Review

    Methylene Blue is beloved by everyone around here, but I couldn't find a concise summary of its benefits online. I wrote a blog post about the history of MB, mechanism of action, dosage, etc. Would love feedback. Methylene Blue: Cognitive Enhancer --- Methylene Blue: Cognitive Enhancer...
  16. noqcks

    Neurometabolic Mechanisms For Memory Enhancement And Neuroprotection Of Methylene Blue

    Posting some interesting information from this paper. Read the full paper if you are interested in the hypothesized reason MB is helpful for memory. ---- Mechanism of Action "MB not only has great affinity for nervous tissue, it has also been recognized as one of the most potent...
  17. S

    Methylene Blue And Varicocele

    So I’m curious about the mechanisms that could cause this Even just one drop of oxidal seems to make my varicocele worse? Confused what could cause this at such a small dosage. Mentally I feel sharp and don’t have really any signs of serotonin syndrome
  18. Mito

    SARS-COV-2 Infection: The Possible Preventative Role Of Methylene Blue

    A COHORT OF CANCER PATIENTS WITH NO REPORTED CASES OF SARS-COV-2 INFECTION : THE POSSIBLE PREVENTIVE ROLE OF METHYLENE BLUE Publié par Guérir du Cancer | Mar 28, 2020 | Bleu de Méthylène, Covid-19 | 7 | Marc Henry1*, Mireille Summa2, Louis Patrick3, Laurent Schwartz4 1 Université de...
  19. theLaw

    Ray Peat Interview 03/30/2020 - COVID-19, Losartan, Sugar, Methylene Blue & More, Q&A - Dr Ray Peat

  20. haidut

    Simple Heating Of Tumor Often Leads To A Rapid And Complete Cure

    As many readers of my blog know, one of the primary signs/symptoms in cancer patients is the frequent occurrence of fevers. The official position of mainstream medicine is that the cause of these fevers is unknown but may have to do with the so-called "tumor lysis syndrome". Regardless, the...