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  1. Weslemkoon1969

    Does Methylene Blue help to get rid of endotoxins? Can can you take it with ozone therapy?

    I've been taking Methylene Blue for some time now and love it!! I just purchased a home ozone therapy kit and am wondering if there is some spacing out of the two therapies? Or can one use Methylene Blue at the same time, or shortly before or after doing ozone? I'm wondering if one cancels...
  2. PopSocket

    How to properly use Methylene Blue ? Succinic acid, avoid graying of hair, sexual function, lower serotonin etc

    Feeling fantastic on 10-15mg per day, feel fully connected to the Universe so to speak. After many years of optimizing the organism it seems like MB is like the cherry on the top and bringing about all the benefits of lowered stress and improved metabolic function. Skin and hair looking great...
  3. B

    Considerations on Methylene Blue for skin

    There are a few published articles circulating here about using methylene blue for skin health and several people have reported trying this. The articles include: Anti-Aging Potentials of Methylene Blue for Human Skin Longevity - Scientific Reports
  4. tastyfood

    How long to wait between methylene blue and high tyramine foods (cheese)?

    I'm experimenting with 1mg of methylene blue with succinic acid. Although 1mg is not a high amount, I still prefer to separate cheese from it. How many hours do you recommend one must wait between methylene blue and cheese to avoid issues? Is a few hours enough? Thank you!
  5. A

    Are people in this forum still taking methylene blue?

    Learning about methylene blue is what lead me to finding this forum and it gave me great benefits initially but the benefits started to subside after a while probably because my health improved from peating and haven’t needed it. But what are the thoughts on methylene blue now with forum...
  6. D

    Are they after methylene blue? Here's why

    I really think MB does something that opposes the vaccine ingredients, like possible degrades graphene nanoparticles, detoxes the poisons etc. That's why they hate it. MB is so cheap and effective for so many things. Couple "doctors" like Ariyana Love say that redox chemicals like hydrogen and...
  7. Brandin

    Creating a therapeutic systematic health boosting combo

    I am experimenting with creating a combination of supps that would compliment eachothers effect and hopefully even inhibiting eachothers bad effects. Question 1: Anybody knows if taking a dopamine d2 agonist with higher affinity for the receptors than cypro would lead to cypro not binding to...
  8. A

    Total Antioxidant Content of Alternatives to Refined Sugar

    Abstract Background Oxidative damage is implicated in the etiology of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other degenerative disorders. Recent nutritional research has focused on the antioxidant potential of foods, while current dietary recommendations are to increase the intake of...
  9. UG Krishnamurti

    Would Methylene Blue oxidize iron?

    Since I'm not very intelligent I hope somebody would help me with this: If I had iron overload in my tissues. Intestines for example. Would ingesting something like Methylene Blue cause the oxidation of that iron and cause more problems? STUDY...
  10. K

    Lion’s Mane vs. Methylene Blue

    I’d love to know peoples’ thoughts on how Lion’s mane mushroom & methylene blue compare. From what I understand, both are useful for improved mental clarity, memory, and they have potential in cases of Alzheimer’s. I just ordered some methylene blue, and am curious/excited to experiment with...
  11. Outdoctrination

    Methylene blue video

  12. k2896

    Anxiety after taking methylene blue

    I’m confused by the dosage of methylene blue. I purchased a bottle from mitolab which is 0.5mg per drop. I tried having 5 drops in milk this morning and now feel super weird and anxious, have a heavy head. I’ve obviously taken too much. What is the best way to take it and is there anything else...
  13. charlie

    The protective and anti-inflammatory effect of methylene blue in corrosive esophageal burns: An experimental study

    Background: In developing countries, esophageal burns are quite common. They are caused by the ingestion of corrosive substances that may lead to esophageal perforation in the short-term and stricture formation in the long-term. Prevention of stricture progression in the esophagus is the main...
  14. C

    Methylene blue makes hair completely white. Why?

    Hi guys, i have noticed something strange. When i use MB directly on my hair (4mg) before shower, keeping it 10 minutes, after 2 days i have some white hair all over my head. And then they start to fall off, all of them. Anyone knows why this happen? Thanks:)
  15. maillol

    T3, Methylene Blue and Prolactin

    Peat city
  16. haidut

    Rising use of methylene blue in India as COVID-19 prevention/treatment

    As it appears, the general population is starting waking up. In addition to news about India, I also noticed that most methylene blue (MB) vendors on Amazon are commonly sold out or have messages saying the product is "unavailable". Large chemical suppliers like Sigma Aldrich are also routinely...
  17. R

    Suppliers Thread - Supplements, heatlth foods, pharmaceuticals, other products

    hey all. I'm thinking it would be good to compile a list of suppliers of various things (good foods, supplements, pharmaceuticals, red lights etc). I think this would help members find the best suppliers in their area and also help to find some harder to acquire options. It could look something...
  18. Sam321

    Elevator pitch for Methylene Blue.

    Could someone (@haidut) give me an elevator pitch for Methylene Blue? What its good for. What it's uses are. Testimonials, etc. I'm seeing alot of scattered info about it and am interested in it.
  19. Mito

    Methylene Blue Inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 Spike-ACE2 Protein

    Abstract Due to our interest in the chemical space of organic dyes to identify potential small-molecule inhibitors (SMIs) for protein-protein interactions (PPIs), we initiated a screen of such compounds to assess their inhibitory activity against the interaction between SARS-CoV-2 spike protein...
  20. NodeCerebri

    Methylene Blue lowering nitric oxide too much?

    I want to add methylene blue to my daily stack, currently at about 300 mcg. It is bearable right now, but I think the nitric oxide lowering effects are increasing my blood pressure. -I want to up the dose, but scared of too high BP then. -I also want to up the dose, but everything above 400 mcg...
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