1. NewACC

    Study on acute and chronic effects of serotonin (5HT) antagonists on serotonin binding sites "The administration of 14 daily doses of cyproheptadine, BC-105, metergoline and methysergide induced a marked decrease in the number (B max) of 3H-spiroperidol binding sites (5HT2 sites) in frontal cortex, when assayed 48 h after the last dose; the apparent...
  2. TMCMac

    AlloP is helping a lot with anxiety and mood! Can I replicate this without it? Would it be sustainable long term?

    I have struggled with a lot of anxiety and mood lately as I work 70 hours and I got Georgis AlloP and its helped a lot with mood and Ive noticed it increases my wanting to socialize it comes so much more natural. I take 4-8mg allop for the past week. I also pair it with metergoline 4mg. I...
  3. Lokzo

    ?METERGOLINE: Dopamine Agonist, Serotonin Antagonist: Experiences Wanted Here!

    Yo fam, If you've used Metergoline, drop your experience below - would love to hear your experience. I have just ordered some to experiment with as a Cyproheptadine alternative. Fire away!
  4. Epik

    How to mitigate vomiting/nausea/emesis from D2 agonism?

    I've tried metergoline and it gives me this effect where food quite literally spills out of my stomach, especially when I'm asleep. I also get constipation. I recently tried a large dose of cat's claw, which is an MAOB inhibitor, which increases dopamine. I got the same effect that night. I was...
  5. C

    Feverfew/Silk Tree as Replacement for Cypro/Meter

    What are your guys's thoughts about this? I can't use metergoline as an anti-serotonin supp because when I stop I get horrific symptroms of DAWS. Cypro is okay, but I don't like the dopamine receptor antagonizing effects and I am also finding it very hard to stop. Any time I stop the cypro, I...
  6. K

    What Is The Best Prescription Drug For Hyperprolactinemia?

    What is the best prescription drug for it? I see here doctors prescribe in general Carbergoline and rarely Bromocriptine? Is Bromocriptine better than Cabergoline? Has one more affinity to boosting serotonin than the other? Of there's isn't any issue like that. Are other types like Lisuride...
  7. haidut

    Cocaine "addiction" May Be Driven By Serotonin

    Another study on addiction and its mechanisms, but this one focuses on cocaine which is the second most highly abused drug after alcohol, at least in the US (excluding weed). This new study shows that blocking the serotonin receptor 7 (5-HT7) blocked the cocaine abuse behavior. This would...
  8. haidut

    Metergoline - Liquid Serotonin Antagonist For Lab/R&D

    This chemical metergoline is a very interesting substance and is a continuation of my search for chemicals that combine several beneficial characteristics into a single molecule/entity. Metergoline belongs to the same class of drugs as bromocriptine, lisuride, cabergoline, terguride, etc...
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