1. P

    Honeydew Melons ... ces/1956/2 besides slight Phos/Cal excess...which is probably made up for by high magnesium, they seem like a solid food...I was wondering if any one else has experimented with them. The reason im mainly interested is because they have a PH above...
  2. J

    Watermelon Seeds

    I bought some seedless watermelon today, and it still contains the pale seeds. These are very difficult to avoid consuming. Is that a problem when eating watermelon?
  3. charlie

    Ray Peat - Plantains, Orange Juice, Watermelon

    When chatting with Dr. Ray Peat and trying to find some relief from my chronic inflammation he asked me about my diet. So I gave it to him and he saw that I was eating plantains, OJ, and watermelon. This was his response, also take note of what he bolded in the studies he attached...