1. C

    Guy claims high dose Melatonin & Niacin is a cure all and also cures Covid/long Covid and vaccine damage

    I wondered what you guys think about this. Dmitry Kat's who is supposedly an epidemiologist/PHD was recently gaining a lot of attention on twitter promoting his protocol of Niacin and Melatonin to cure Covid and vaccine damage. He's since been banned and is now on telegram. He's kicked me out of...
  2. haidut

    Upregulated serotonin synthesis may be a biomarker for breast cancer

    Once again, the available evidence contradicts the popular myth promoted by public health agencies that serotonin is the "happiness hormone". One only needs to talk to a person on serotonergic (SSRI) drugs for a few minutes to realize just how "happy" those people are as a result of their...
  3. Lokzo

    💎A Melatonin Alternative Drug

  4. Drareg

    10 methoxyharamlan

    @haidut mentioned this in the latest Danny Roddy interview. Just starting this thread to get more info on it, I only found 2 studies on it so far. Its an alkaloid obtained by the cyclodehydration of melatonin. Anybody with experience using it?
  5. S.Seneff

    Evaluation Of The Role Of Melatonin In The Metastasis Of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

    Article in Chinese; Abstract available in Chinese from the publisher] Fan L1, Xiong YP1, Liu HT1, Min X1, Tang YQ1, Zhang ZY1. Author information 1 Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery,First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University,Nanchang,330006,China. Abstract in English...
  6. haidut

    Pineal Gland Chemicals Inhibit Androgen Synthesis

    There is great interest in the blogosophere in writing about and supplementing with the pineal hormone melatonin. Ray has written about the dangers of melatonin, but there is enough contradictory research to confuse people. This study shows that another pineal hormone, which ALWAYS rises...
  7. haidut

    Melatonin Elevates Brain Serotonin

    Ray has repeatedly warned against the exogenous supplementation with melatonin and has said that it is almost as dangerous as serotonin (of which melatonin is a metabolite). One of the main benefits of red light is that it sharply decreases melatonin synthesis, sometimes by as much as 90%. I...
  8. P


    Considering Peat considers melatonin a stress hormone, does he recommend waking up every few hours to turn on a light or leaving a light on while you sleep? It seems to make sense to limit melatonin production, but also seems like it would prevent proper sleep. Strangely enough, since I cleaned...
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