1. Giraffe

    Sucharit Bhakdi - A call to unite and rescue journalism

    The MWGFD, an association of physicians and scientists headed by Suchartit Bhakdi, has set up a website to provide easy access to what they call "new media". What they mean is channels that allowed experts that are critical of the government to have their say, too, or channels that offer...
  2. mrchibbs

    New documentary on the role of the media in shaping the COVID-19 craze in Belgium

    It's an amazing piece of work, honestly. It's from a Belgian film-maker who thoroughly dissected the chain of events we've all gone through since last spring, and especially how the media shaped the narrative in Belgium. Sadly, it is only in french at the moment, but apparently they are hard...
  3. M

    Any Thoughts On The News That Sweden Has Reversed Their Plans And Is Failing?

    Covid-19: Sweden's herd immunity strategy has failed, hospitals inundated - NZ Herald This is making the rounds, I wondered peoples thoughts on it.
  4. Geronimo

    How To Convince People They're Wrong

    I made the mistake of going into the comment section of a YouTube video hating on "conspiracy theorists" today. The people were incredibly hostile, ignorant and angry at me beyond belief. Nobody would listen to or read any of the factual information presented to them. None of them had any info...
  5. H

    Zika Speculations?

    I've been loosely following the BBCs coverage of the so-called Zika Virus emergency in Brazil (following loosely because I believe the BBC to be moderately neurotoxic). I've found the whole coverage has come across like some kind of outtakes reel from a disaster movie that never made it to the...