1. Tarmander

    Why You Should Eat Raw Meat

    For the last two months I have been eating raw beef every morning and it has changed my life. (I attached a youtube video if you would rather listen to this then read it) I have been a meat eater since I was a child and through most of my life with the exception of 3 years as a vegetarian in...
  2. Twohandsondeck

    Meat + Citrus Is Good For Digestion But Meat + White Rice Is Good For Getting Jacked?(Vertical Diet)

    This post references the "Vertical Diet" by Stan Efferding. It's a way to eat for physical performance (not necessarily longevity) that has many great testimonies. _________________________________________________ Anecdotally I've found that eating meat and then following it with pineapple...
  3. haidut

    Height Is Dependent On Diet Quality, Not Genes

    I posted a few threads in the past demonstrating that gene are likely not the main driver of height, despite the mainstream dogma vehement claiming to the contrary. Dutch People Gained 20cm Of Height In Just 150 Years Protein Quality, Not Genes, Determine Male Height Intelligence and height...
  4. haidut

    Protein Quality, Not Genes, Determine Male Height

    I posted a study on the height of Dutch men - a well studied phenomenon officially explained by genes, but recently recast as one possibly due to diet. Dutch People Gained 20cm Of Height In Just 150 Years Now this new study adds more evidence to the diet hypothesis as it found a population in...
  5. P

    Is It Bad To Freeze Meat?

    in dr peat article 'Meat physiology, stress, and degenerative physiology' he says cold storage of meat causes them to have high my question is that is freezing as much bad?or it is safe?!
  6. E

    Do Meats In Supermarkets Contain Higher Amounts Of Endotoxin?

    Ray has talked about the meat in mexico always being fresh and not aged like the meat in the US. We also know that ground meat contains higher amounts of endotoxins than regular meat. How much of a difference do you think there is in endotoxin content from a animal killed, cooked, and eaten in...
  7. T

    high amount of chicken

    I have trouble finding free range chicken. I buy oven baked chicken strips by the kilo. It's a main source of calories and protein for me. Since its a fact that chicken are often given hormones, I am wondering what I could eat to counteract this. Any ideas ?
  8. Y

    Sugar Molecule Links Red Meat Consumption And Elevated Cancer Risk In Mice ... ancer.aspx
  9. C

    Does beef raise temperature?

    I ate some beef today and my temperature is higher than usual. I dont usually eat beef. I get my protein from milk, cheese and gelatin.
  10. T

    Does kosher meat have less iron?

    As an ignorant atheist gentile, I think preparation of meat according to the Book involves draining as much as possible of the blood from the meat after slaughter and before butchering, but I'm not sure. Is this right? If so, does that mean it would contain less iron, because the blood has a...
  11. S

    How does the body signal hunger for protein?

    Yeah, we start craving food with protein, but does anyone know what types of hormones, etc. signal that? We know how it works for sugar: i.e., glucose-insulin cycle. Is there something like that for protein as well? Thanks
  12. Daimyo

    Eating chicken and human temperature

    Hi guys and girls, I have been peating for quite long time, eating a relatively good diet. Two days ago I have eaten about a 500 grams of fried chicken (cooked at home)... When I woke up the next day my temperature was 0,6* lower than normal! It went from 36,6*C to 36,0*C! Was it PUFA or...
  13. L

    Protein linked to inflammation

    How does this low protein diet work ... teins.html
  14. D

    Rinsing Ground Beef To Get Rid Of The Fat?

    Hello everyone, At my local supermarket regular ground beef is now on sale for really cheap. It's common commercial grainfed meat,so non-organic and has some ascorbic acid added to it,but the organic meat is too expensive for me to buy regularly and I seem to need meat on a fairly regular...
  15. E

    How To Depufa Chicken

    When making a chicken based broth, a lot of the fat rises to the top. Does anyone have an idea of what percentage of fat you can remove? If you could get it low enough, chicken doesn't seem like such a bad protein source. Low iron and far more digestible than beef. Remove skin and fat, leave...
  16. P

    Source for Grassfed Pork?

    Has anyone found a good and economic source for pork / bacon that is grassfed or at least not fed grains?
  17. J

    Milk-Soaked Meat Ca/P Ratio?

    What's the calcium phosphorus ratio of meat soaked in milk?
  18. lvysaur

    Pastured Chicken/pork - Safe Or No?

    I have access to pastured chicken (the real free range, although chickens don't survive on grass alone). Does anyone know what this means, regarding the fatty acid content of the chicken?
  19. paper_clips43

    Meat and sugar ratio.

    Lately I have been eating more meat with gelatin. I enjoy eating about 3 ounces of gf beef with an espresso mixed with sugar, gelatin, and butter. (I also take calcium glucarate or oyster shell powder with it.) I estimate I am getting 20-25 grams of protein. If the the ratio is 1:4...
  20. Y

    Too much muscle meats?

    Hi All, Here is a sample of my diet: Meal 1 - Chicken Tenderloins (99% Fat Free)+ Berries + Milk + Gelatin + Orange Juice Meal 2 - Turkey Mince (99% Fat Free) + Mangos + Gelatin Meal 3 - Eggs OR Grass Fed Beef Mince + Grapes + Milk + Gelatin + Coffee Meal 4 - Tuna + Orange + Milk + Gelatin +...