1. F

    Meals Rich In Carbohydrates, But Poor In Protein May Increase Serotonin In The Brain

    Confused about serotonin OK, so from what I've gathered so far, RP is not a fan of serotonin, and believes estrogen dominance has alot to do with high serotonin and high histamine. But then as I'm reading his article I find this: "A large carbohydrate meal increases the ratio of tryptophan to...
  2. F

    Suggestions For Low Fat /no Starch Meals

    I know this is a boring question and I thank anyone who takes the time to answer it. I just need some good suggestions of low fat and no starch meals and snacks. I have eaten high fat and starch for so long it's really hard for me to just come up with appetizing food. I have seen many people...
  3. haidut

    Optimal Protein Intake Is Likely 20g-30g Per Meal

    Please keep in mind that by "optimal" these studies consider what is the optimal dose of protein per meal for muscle protein synthesis. The dosage may be different for other people depending on the circumstances. Malnourished, hypothyroid or liver-disease people may need more or less depending...
  4. R

    Heart Rate And Temperature Raise After A Meal? Good?

    Is it correct that according to Ray if your heart rate and temperature rise after eating then this indicates a food is good for you? I get a slight rapid heartbeat and good rise in temperature from certain brands of pasta. I always thought that the rapid heartbeat meant it was an allergy but...
  5. haidut

    Even protein distribution in meals is healthier than a bolus

    This may sound rather obvious, but until at least 2010 the consensus "expert" opinion was that protein was protein no matter how and when you consume it. In fact, some "nutritionists" were advocating eating most of the protein at night. A high dose of protein will drastically lower blood sugar...
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