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mct oil

  1. johnwester130

    Best Topical Antifungal?

    fungal theory of baldness : dht promotes sebum sebum promotes bacteria growth bacteria growth promote baldness selsun potassium bicarbonate nizoral zinc borax - but won't dissolve in alcohol what else?
  2. A

    MCT Oil Reduces Seizures In Adults With Refractory Epilepsy

    This is a highly interesting study that tested the effect of MCT oil (55% octanoate, 45% decanoate) vs triheptanoin (a triglyceride that is composed of three seven-carbon (C7:0) fatty acids) in adults with refractory epilepsy. MCT seemed to be more effective, although the difference was not...
  3. Gadsie

    Why Isn't There More Enthousiasm About MCT Oil?

    There's a bunch of threads about people looking for verified fully hydrogenated coconut oil, because obviously we want to eliminate PUFA as much as possible (has anyone found one yet by the way?). Why aren't we all taking large amounts of MCT oil as a proper calorie source? This is 100%...