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    HEDS, MCAS, and extremely low serotonin

    I posted about my partner's issues on another thread: Ehlers Danlos comorbidities and treatment? Symptoms are basically the typical of this combo: Migraines, body pain, fatigue, anxiety, stomach pain, sleep issues, arthritic flair ups, etc. and pretty debilitating Some bloodwork details: Low...
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    Quercetin Metabolism, sulfate?

    Hi all! I’m very confused and hope someone can help me. I really would like to take Quercetin for my MCAS but I also have hydrogen sulfide Sibo which causes sulfur intolerance. There’s conflicting information regarding quercetin becoming metabolite of sulphur in the body. When I message...
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    Test Results

    Original Post 'Inability to sleep, chest pain, please help' Inability to sleep, chest pain, please help I am hoping that the smarties on this forum can help me figure out what is going on with my health. I believe it is Neuro Lyme Disease, my doctor does not. What are your thoughts? I know...
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