1. F

    Excessive masturbation/sex while hypometabolic nono?

    Will it further worsen condition?
  2. S

    Atopic Dermatitis Advice

    Hello everybody. I have had a scalp disease since I was little, I think the name is atopic dermatitis, and I used corticoid creams to treat it, it improved a little, but nowadays I don't use it anymore. I have been following the "Peat Diet" for a few months now and have not felt any major...
  3. lvysaur

    Semen Has Twice The Protein Of Milk

    protein in semen - Google Search What nutrients is my body losing when I ejaculate? - Quora protein in one liter milk - Google Search If you crunch the numbers, 1 liter of milk = 34g protein 1 liter of semen = 51g protein I'm reminded of how prolactin is the "lactation hormone", but it turns...
  4. Hans

    Erectile Dysfunction: Porn And Masturbation

    I've finally got around to finishing part 5 of the erectile dysfunction article series. Part 5: Erectile dysfunction Part 5: Porn and Masturbation » MenElite Hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts.
  5. P

    RP Email Advice Comment: Effect Of Masturbation On Prolactin

    good question and thanks for share, that surprised me to hear that from dr peat, because i think a difference between sex and masturbation is that during proccess if of sex you release a lot of dopamine,which itself effects your body and also effect your prolactin level.
  6. DaveFoster

    Masturbation And Testosterone

    I am a huge fan of NoFap, which is a community of individuals who believe that masturbating to the point of orgasm with porn tends to limit the psychological capabilities in men, as well as having some profound physiological effects that most would warrant as unwanted. As a young man who...
  7. Y

    Peat's thoughts on... Masturbation!?

    Tried Google and the forum's search, couldn't find anything of relevance. Anybody know what Peat thinks of it? Good stress reliever? Bad because of (some reason)?