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  1. 8

    Masks made of silver and copper, and adding antiviral oils to a mask. Masks that are more helpful?

    rumble.com/vobzao-plague-of-corruption-with-judy-mikovits.html 32:11 -- Judy Mikovits: "We had our silver masks, which are at least anti-microbial, and we can breathe through them, and we can protect ourselves. There are a lot of people [exhaling synthetic viral particles from the modified...
  2. Twohandsondeck

    Green clay + apple cider vinegar hair & scalp mask - excellent results

    2 heaping tablespoons of any green clay mixed with 2 level tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar was just enough to cover my head of hair here: The result has been the most balanced that my hair has ever felt. Would recommend to anyone ?
  3. Mito

    Children Should Not Be Forced To Wear Masks Due To CO2 Levels, New Study Suggests

  4. haidut

    MIT Study: Social distancing, occupancy limits likely useless

    As you can imagine, this study is generating quite a bit of "controversy" in MSM, which is just a euphemism for "exposing fraud". As the very elaborate MIT study demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt, whether one keeps a distance of 6 or 60 feet does not much matter. The risk of viral...
  5. haidut

    Oregon mulling making masks and social distancing PERMANENT

    If this happens, and it sure does look like it will, there can be only one word to describe it - an abomination! At this point, I guess nobody even remembers the "just two weeks, to flatten the curve!" mantra that was used to sell people on all of this nonsense. Judging by the way things are...
  6. Giraffe

    We don't need Covid-20. We just carry on with Covid-19.

    Bill Gates said it weeks ago: Something along the lines, it would take years before we could get back to normal. And then it would take maybe 10 years do undo all the damage done. The head of the German CDC also said that we would need to carry on with the masks and all the jazz even after a...
  7. B

    Think About Your Masks

    At one time I was Safety Manager for several companies...masks were mandatory to comply with OSHA...there is a lot to consider when it comes to masks....some good info here.... That Mask Is Giving You Lung Cancer - Global Research Medical Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the...
  8. Drareg

    Danish Largest Mask Study Refused Entry Into "scientific Journals"

    Just when you think the censoring couldn’t stoop lower this has made the front page of a Danish newspaper, it will going out tomorrow and I will post the link then, it’s in Danish. For now here’s a twitter link-https://twitter.com/MaMoMVPY/status/1319002978146263040 Basically the usual suspects...
  9. C

    Dysfunctional Behavior, Cognition, And The Psychology Of Harm Reduction

    What do we all think about the cognition and behavior of the metabolically compromised? Ray talks about the psychology of stress and harm reduction - I of course think first of the mask wearers, the mouth breathers. How do we feel are appropriate and empathetic responses to such dysfunction? How...
  10. S

    Need Some Help Deciphering This

    Saw this on a news site today and was wanting some bigger brains on this... Forced to wear masks that push CO2 levels down below 20% with any level of exertion, can lead the way to heart trouble, manifestation of deadly bacteria, a weakened immune system with nearly a 50% reduction in...
  11. Inaut

    Being Forced To Wear Masks. Yes No Maybe So

    Just curious to see what everybody thinks about accepting authoritarian measures related to this covid hoohaa. Where I live, masks have become mandatory in all public places.... I have a problem with wearing a mask as it shows that I support this agenda(my opinion for all those who believe...
  12. D

    Masks And CO2

    If you want to increase your CO2 simply wear a mask. Del Bigtree in the latest Highwire YouTube video measured the CO2 concentrations for various Covid-19 masks. All masks measured concentrations of 9000+ ppm after a few minutes. Normal concentrations without a mask are around 800 ppm. Wear a...