1. haidut

    Marathon Running May Cause (temporary) Kidney Failure In 80%+ Of Runners

    It's just one study with 22 people but the findings resonate quite well with the health profiles I have seen on long distance runners - i.e. developing asthma, lung fibrosis and enlarged heart. Those are chronic problems, and the study did not look if the kidney failure fully recovered after day...
  2. L

    Carbs, Not Fats, Boost Half-marathon Race Performance

    Carbs, not fats, boost half-marathon race performance ... 094542.htm
  3. haidut

    Running Marathons Shrinks The Brain

    Not that this is any surprise to the forum readers, but I found it quite alarming that the brain shrinks in a such a short amount of time even though the study claims that the brain recovers within 6 months after the event. What I found also interesting is the explanation for the shrinkage - the...