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male hormones

  1. Mitchell777

    New Oral Testosterone “TLANDO” study.

    A new oral testosterone (TLANDO) treatment regimen without dose titration requirement for male hypogonadism The study uses a formulation consisting of testosterone undecanoate in a quote “unique lipid formulation containing predominantly predigested triglycerides (mono‐ or di‐glycerides)” The...
  2. J

    Alphagels 10% DHT in DMSO?

    Hi all, After getting DHT raws seized I’ve had luck successfully bringing in finished 10% DHT gel in a DMSO base. Has anyone had any experience with Alphagels Compounding 10% DHT gel? I’ve had it recommended to me by a reputable bodybuilding forum member and I can see they’re quite known on...
  3. tastyfood

    Is 39 ng/dL too low for a pregnenolone blood test result? 34 year old male

    I decided to test pregnenolone to get a good sense before I hop back on to supplementing it. The result seems very low? The range from Labcorp is <151. Checking online I've seen the lower range being 33 ng/DL. The other tests I got, in case they help understand my pregnenolone result were...