1. M

    Everyone Is “Magnesium Deficient” OR is Everyone Just “Low thyroid”

    The constant hype today is tiktok and instagram promoting vitamin deficiencies & proper methylation the most talked about is always Magnesium. Which I understand is so important BUT.. isn’t being low magnesium sometimes a sign of just low thyroid levels? Since you use up so much in a...
  2. Candeias

    Searching best supps/pharma for soft tissue calcification

    Cyproheptadine Cyproheptadine Prevents / Reverses Soft Tissue Calcification "Human equivalent dose was about 12mg daily, duration was just 4 days. Cyproheptadine prevented AND reversed soft tissue calcification by acting as an anti-heparin agent, which is similar to what vitamin K2 does...
  3. M

    Can Magnesium Raise Pregnenolone & Dhea Levels?

    Curious if this would help. Since adrenals are all connected? My pregnenolone levels came in lower AFTER supplementing 50 mgs of pregnenolone. My levels were at 85 now at 50. Also, I notice my vitamin D levels climb very slowly even after 10,000iu daily with K combination. So maybe my focus...
  4. J

    Calcium D-glucarate and iron?

    Does anyone know if Calcium d-glucarate will decrease iron? I'm a female and the last time I took a high dose of Calcium D-glucarate in a desperate attempt to curb heavy menstrual bleeding, I noticed it thinned my blood. Not only thinned it but turned it a bright red and not the thick dark red...
  5. F

    Magnesium; Best form for recovery, sleep, fatigue, and soreness??

    What is the best form of Magnesium to take for people who cannot stay asleep? I have tried several different forms with no effect. I am also suffering from a lot of muscle soreness & fatigue after minimal activity. …Currently trying magnesium buffered bis glycinate with L taurine. I have...
  6. youngsinatra

    Root Cause Protocol & A Ray Peat Perspective

    The statement mission of the Root Cause Protocol: „The RCP is designed to: 1. increase bioavailable COPPER (Ceruloplasmin) in order to... 2. decrease unbound IRON and... 3. decrease the MAGNESIUM burn rate in order to... 4. repair cellular mineral imbalance - the ROOT CAUSE of virtually ALL...
  7. BigShoes

    Please Help: Severe Premature Ejaculation from Calcium Carbonate Supps? Intra-muscular Calcium?

    Hello, I have been suffering with premature ejaculation for the last couple of years. 32 y/o man. In the past year or so, I have now been suffering with *severe* premature ejaculation - less than 10 seconds to finish. It is so bad that it is preventing me from finding a relationship, and...
  8. M

    Magnesium intolerance and candida

    I've always benefitted from topical magnesium, but i was never able to take oral magnesium. I've explained in other posts how i cured my gut pain (IBS-c with lots of cramps and pain, but without much constipation). Basically, Zinc and choline cured my pain and cramps, and improved digestion...
  9. C

    Absorption rate of epsom salt

    Do know you guys know if the ph value does make a difference in the absorption rate of the magnesium? Llet’s say someone takes a magnesium bath, does the ph value of the water matter? A friend of mine wants to add epsom salt to his whirlpool (with a lower ph) and is not sure if it will affect...
  10. InChristAlone

    Dr Carl Pfeiffer Mental and Elemental Nutrients

    Here are some notes from Dr. Pfeiffer's book; "Mental and elemental nutrients : a physician's guide to nutrition and health care", it's an old book, but I think it's contributions to nutrition is still relevant. Zinc- "zinc is more precious than gold" Zinc is needed for normal growth and...
  11. T

    Tissue minerals of magnesium-deficient rats with thiamine deficiency and excess

    Abstract To clarify the influence of thiamine deficiency or a dietary excess of thiamine on the mineral balance in magnesium-deficient animals, the following six different synthetic diets were fed to Wistar rats. Group 1: thiamine and magnesium-deficient; group 2: thiamine-deficient...
  12. TMCMac

    Whats some good idea lab supps and lifestyle changes that can increase confidence, assertiveness, and lower anxiety/ fear?

    Ive been experimenting with a few things to optimize this. Obviously diet first and avoiding pufa to optimize testosterone levels. Some things I have noticed help are bromantane for dopamine, niacinamide and thiamine, magnesium help with anxiety and fear a bit. Also heard black seed has a...
  13. Hayley

    Radically different effects from different forms of magnesium

    I take magnesium before bed, I find it to be relaxing and helps me fall asleep, but have had varied results depending on the type of magnesium used. - calm brand magnesium, which is magnesium citrate. While that form calms me so much that I’m knocked out to sleep, I tend to wake up later in...
  14. Twohandsondeck

    Cheap mineral stack (immediate effects)

    Rudimentary but highly effective: + xx cups of water to thirst +2 cups red grapes or coconut water (as a potassium source) +1 teaspoon of a quality salt (as a sodium and chloride source) +2 cups milk (as a calcium source) +75mg of magnesium citrate (or another magnesium chelate) >>> consume in...
  15. Mauritio

    PTH - the connection of all stress hormones

    "When there is adequate calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium in the diet, PTH is kept to a minimum. When PTH is kept low, cells increase their formation of the uncoupling proteins, that cause mitochondria to use energy at a higher rate, and this is associated with decreased activity of the fatty...
  16. A

    Magnesium and DHEA

    I've heard that magnesium oil raises dhea, would the same thing apply for taking magnesium glycinate
  17. DANIEL

    The Best Oral Magnesium Supplement

    Highly recommend NutraBio Magnesium's supplement: great price and ZERO excipients, just got it a few days ago for $12 on Amazon. Not affiliated with them, just wanted to spread the word. This company in general has very cheap prices and usually does not use excipients, which is funny when you...
  18. A

    Long‐term Magnesium Supplementation Improves Glucocorticoid Metabolism

    Long‐term magnesium supplementation improves glucocorticoid metabolism: A post‐hoc analysis of an intervention trial Joëlle C. Schutten, Peter J. Joris, Isidor Minović, Adrian Post, André P. van Beek, Martin H. de Borst, Ronald P. Mensink, Stephan J.L. Bakker First published: 08 October 2020...
  19. D

    High Pulse, Low Morning Temperature

    Hey I'm 24 year old male I've been struggling with fatigue and irritability/depression/lack of good libido with gut issues (and recently hemmorhoids/yellowish stools) on and off for pretty much all my life sometimes better sometimes worse, I recently came back to peating which I've struggled to...
  20. superGrover

    Muscle Twitching After Applying Magnesium Serum

    Hi guys! As far as I understand, muscle twitching is a way of the body telling it needs more magnesium. Does anyone know why muscles start to twitch after? Normally the muscle twitching happens sporadically, but after applying magnesium serum it happens multiple times on thesame day.
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