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  1. Twohandsondeck

    Cheap mineral stack (immediate effects)

    Rudimentary but highly effective: + xx cups of water to thirst +2 cups red grapes or coconut water (as a potassium source) +1 teaspoon of a quality salt (as a sodium and chloride source) +2 cups milk (as a calcium source) +75mg of magnesium citrate (or another magnesium chelate) >>> consume in...
  2. Mauritio

    PTH - the connection of all stress hormones

    "When there is adequate calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium in the diet, PTH is kept to a minimum. When PTH is kept low, cells increase their formation of the uncoupling proteins, that cause mitochondria to use energy at a higher rate, and this is associated with decreased activity of the fatty...
  3. A

    Magnesium and DHEA

    I've heard that magnesium oil raises dhea, would the same thing apply for taking magnesium glycinate

    The Best Oral Magnesium Supplement

    Highly recommend NutraBio Magnesium's supplement: great price and ZERO excipients, just got it a few days ago for $12 on Amazon. Not affiliated with them, just wanted to spread the word. This company in general has very cheap prices and usually does not use excipients, which is funny when you...
  5. A

    Long‐term Magnesium Supplementation Improves Glucocorticoid Metabolism

    Long‐term magnesium supplementation improves glucocorticoid metabolism: A post‐hoc analysis of an intervention trial Joëlle C. Schutten, Peter J. Joris, Isidor Minović, Adrian Post, André P. van Beek, Martin H. de Borst, Ronald P. Mensink, Stephan J.L. Bakker First published: 08 October 2020...
  6. D

    High Pulse, Low Morning Temperature

    Hey I'm 24 year old male I've been struggling with fatigue and irritability/depression/lack of good libido with gut issues (and recently hemmorhoids/yellowish stools) on and off for pretty much all my life sometimes better sometimes worse, I recently came back to peating which I've struggled to...
  7. superGrover

    Muscle Twitching After Applying Magnesium Serum

    Hi guys! As far as I understand, muscle twitching is a way of the body telling it needs more magnesium. Does anyone know why muscles start to twitch after? Normally the muscle twitching happens sporadically, but after applying magnesium serum it happens multiple times on thesame day.
  8. M

    Magnesium Supplementation

    I've decided to try supplementing magnesium in the hope of relieving chronic muscle tension and pain in my pelvic region. I'm sure I get some magnesium in my diet from milk and green leaves, but perhaps larger doses are warranted when the muscle tension persists. What I want to know: there...
  9. haidut

    Magnesium, Vitamin D, B12 Combo Strikingly Therapeutic For COVID-19

    It is always good to see proof that medicine has not completely lost its mind by blindly chasing only the latest and greatest discovery in pharma antiviral drugs. The preventive and therapeutic effects of magnesium on viral diseases have been known for decades and has prompted the health...
  10. B

    Magnesium Fixed My Iron Overload

    Thought I'd make this thread for anybody else struggling with iron, as when I first found my blood work suggested iron overload, I couldn't find much information here. I ran some iron labs whilst trying to isolate the cause of my health issues and found that my transferrin saturation and serum...
  11. Tristan Loscha

    Magnesium Retention From Metabolic-Balance Studies In Female Adolescents: Impact Of NaCl

    Lo-Sodium increases Mg-retention!About 20 %! Why!? Am J Clin Nutr. 2013 May;97(5):1014-9. doi: 10.3945/ajcn.112.039867. Epub 2013 Apr 3. Magnesium retention from metabolic-balance studies in female adolescents: impact of race, dietary salt, and calcium. Palacios C1, Wigertz K, Braun M...
  12. A

    New Magnesium Form With Enhanced Cell Penetration: Magnesium N-Acetyltaurinate

    What is the opinion here on a new magnesium form that has recently been introduced to the market: Magnesium N-Acetyltaurinate? Apparently, this form has a better cell penetration than conventional magnesium taurinate. It seems to be especially good at increasing magnesium in the brain according...
  13. Amazoniac

    Getting Plenty Of Magnesium Without Supplements: Tough But Possible

    I'm not going to lie: it isn't easy to consume extreme amounts of it from foods, and I couldn't push it to 3 grams as I initially had in mind. The list is bigger this time because it reflects a lowering of standards [: idi] trying to include all decent sources that should add up at the end of...
  14. haidut

    Magnoil - Liquid Magnesium

    As many forum users know, magnesium (Mg) is one of the most important minerals for proper metabolic function. It is a required cofactor for hundreds of metabolic enzymes, including the crucial mitochondrial enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH), ATP synthesis, and ATP transport in the bloodstream...
  15. P

    Skeletal Muscle Phosphatidylcholine And Phosphatidylethanolamine Are Related To Insulin Sensitivity

    And the difference is big! 100% and 50% for each ,compared to subjects with higher insulin sensitivity. Egg yolks/milk and liver are rich source of these phospholipids. But yolks are the richest. Skeletal muscle phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine are related to insulin...
  16. P


    Here probably i only post positives about igf1, as ray seeing it generally on reparative ,constructive side.(according to danny roddy,thanks to him) it is interesting most nutrient deficiencies lower igf1 but not GH! Hypothyroids have lower level of igf1...
  17. raypeatclips

    Magnesium Chloride Cytotoxic To Malignant Cell Lines

    Not sure if this is a positive or negative for magnesium, would be nice for more knowledgeable posters to explain this. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2016;17(S3):131-4. Comparison of in Vitro Cytotoxicity and Apoptogenic Activity of Magnesium Chlorideand Cisplatin as Conventional Chemotherapeutic...
  18. raypeatclips

    Mechanism Of Hypokalemia (low Potassium) In Magnesium Deficiency

    JASN | Mobile Mechanism of Hypokalemia in Magnesium Deficiency Chou-Long Huang Elizabeth Kuo "Herein is reviewed literature suggesting that magnesium deficiency exacerbates potassium wasting by increasing distal potassium secretion. A decrease in intracellular magnesium, caused by magnesium...
  19. raypeatclips

    Consequences Of Magnesium Deficiency On The Enhancement Of Stress (review)

    Consequences of magnesium deficiency on the enhancement of stress reactions; preventive and therapeutic implications (a review). - PubMed - NCBI J Am Coll Nutr. 1994 Oct;13(5):429-46. Consequences of magnesium deficiency on the enhancement of stress reactions; preventive and therapeutic...
  20. raypeatclips

    Noradrenaline Levels Higher In Genetically Low Magnesium Rats And Lower DOPAC

    Brain catecholamines, serotonin and their metabolites in mice selected for low (MGL) and high (MGH) blood magnesium levels. - PubMed - NCBI Magnes Res. 1995 Mar;8(1):5-9. Brain catecholamines, serotonin and their metabolites in mice selected for low (MGL) and high (MGH) blood magnesium levels...