• tca300: I understand this is off topic from what you typically teach, but I was wondering if you have run across any information or learned on your own, things that help people grieve over lost loved ones, and or fear of losing others to death? Thank you!

    Ray Peat: It activates the “helplessness” reactions in the body, stress weakening your own life, and I think it can help to get out of that if you think of your life as a continuation of theirs—the same life, though with fewer bodies.

    Rest in Paradise, Raymond Peat  October 12, 1936 - November 24 2022

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magnesium chloride

  1. FitnessMike

    Does transdermal magnesium chloride get into the blood streem thru the skin? does it gets to the liver?

    so i know now that oral magnesium chloride if weakening my bladder bigtime, i am strongly suspecting that transdermal is doing the same, i will know now for sure in a day or two after stopping transdermal, does transdermal get everywhere the same as oral?
  2. Sam321

    Does speed of magnesium spray absorption correlate current levels of magnesium in system?

    Some days I notice my Ancient Minerals magnesium spray dries and flakes on my skin nearly 10 minutes faster than other days at the same dosage, in the same location with roughly the same humidity. It got me thinking that maybe when you are deficient in magnesium your body gobbles it up quick...
  3. raypeatclips

    Magnesium Chloride Cytotoxic To Malignant Cell Lines

    Not sure if this is a positive or negative for magnesium, would be nice for more knowledgeable posters to explain this. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2016;17(S3):131-4. Comparison of in Vitro Cytotoxicity and Apoptogenic Activity of Magnesium Chlorideand Cisplatin as Conventional Chemotherapeutic...
  4. raypeatclips

    Magnesium Sulfate Or Magnesium Chloride Study

    I have got many of the studies I have posted on the forum from this fascinating piece. The studies would otherwise have gone unnoticed if I had simply just posted this one. Worth a read...
  5. Amazoniac

    Magnesium Chloride And Magnesium Sulfate: A Comparison

    http://www.jle.com/download/mrh-266651-magnesium_chloride_or_magnesium_sulfate_a_genuine_question--WQhrBn8AAQEAAEkDBUQAAAAI-a.pdf "[..]it is very difficult to reach a conclusion on the possible utilization of one salt instead of another but it indicates that MgSO4 is not always the appropriate...
  6. Adnada

    Magnesium Chloride Oral Use

    In Ray's book From PMS to Menopause, he recommends 500 mg of magnesium as chloride (specifically to treat cervical dysplasia in women). I assume this is an oral dose, as it is one in a list of many oral supps. Does anyone have experience and a recommended source for an oral magnesium chloride...