1. V

    Limiting fat or carbohydrates

    Has anyone experimented with leaving mostly just one energy source? I mean, consuming large amounts of carbohydrates and limiting fat, or consume large amounts of fat and reduce carbohydrates. It would be to avoid a proportion an equitable distribution of macronutrients between fats and...
  2. Can

    Need advice: How many grams of fat is safe in a day (in relation to other macros)?

    So I am very much aware that Ray Peat and most people on this forum prefer sugar metabolism over fat metabolism. I don't have any problem with that in theory but feel like in the moment, that my sugar metabolism is somehow impaired. I outlined this in another thread, atm I quickly feel...
  3. G

    Strict macros VS eat according to cravings | Glucose VS Fat oxidation

    Wanted to open a discussion around this topic. Do you follow a certain macro split/range(for example 40-50% carbs, 20-30% fats...) or do you eat according to cravings? Lately, I've entertained the idea of not restricting my fat intake, of eating according to cravings. If I do this, I crave up to...
  4. B

    Do cats need carbs?

    This one is for cat lovers :cat: Recently a stray cat brought kittens to our house so we're now in charge of feeding four cats. So I'm wondering, do cats need carbohydrates and what type would be best for them? I know they officially don't, or at least not much, but I recall Ray once saying...
  5. Drareg

    Mice And 25 Different Diets,which One Increases Lifespan The Most?

    I'm not sure if this was posted yet? The main question is if the carbs in the chow contained protein within the fruit and how much,did they allow for this? "In invertebrates, reproductive output and lifespan are profoundly impacted by dietary macronutrient balance, with these traits achieving...
  6. michael94

    Macronutrient Metabolism In Starvation And Stress ... t=Abstract
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