1. Sherbert

    Is nutricost an ok brand (for getting bulk aminos)? if not what is? thnx

    is nutricost an ok brand (for getting bulk aminos)? if not what is? thnx
  2. A

    Why most people are wrong about arginine being bad for cold sores It doesn’t happen often, but a forum poster wrote something I agree with regarding lysine/arginine and cold sores: “I’d stop the lysine. The whole arginine being bad for herpes is a...
  3. A

    Intermittent dietary lysine restriction with normal maize, might have the value and potential for cancer prevention or therapy Introduction Cancer is a complex disease. There are more than 100 distinct types of cancer but sharing common hallmarks, including sustaining proliferative signaling and evading growth suppressors [1, 2]. The anabolic and catabolic...
  4. Vinero

    Warning To People Taking Lysine

    I started taking the amino acid l-lysine 2 years ago because I read it reduces anxiety, lowers serotonin, and lowers nitric oxide. It made me feel quite calm and happy when I began taking it, and it seemed to have no negative side effects whatsoever. I took about 6 grams daily, which is the...
  5. E

    Why Does Lysine Give Me A Headache?

    When I begin to take lysine or increase my dosage, I get a headache. At first it's a mild headache all over and then it settles into one side of my sinuses, and not always the same side. Is this just the nature of beginning lysine? Or is something out of balance? Judging on past but brief...
  6. natedawggh

    Lysine Increases My Muscle Mass

    Last year when I was losing weight and fixing my health, I experienced an effortless increase in my muscle mass. I've still maintained an appreciable amount but, in spite of finally adding strength training, noticed the muscle wasn't coming as easily as it had before. A few weeks ago I decided...
  7. johnwester130

    L-Lysine Orotate Vs Normal Lysine

    What is the difference ? Which is better ?
  8. Drareg

    Lysine-carnitine Conversion

    Many studies on here about the positives of Lysine, Peat in a recent email said he thought Lysine was safe,in saying that he never really writes or talks much about it. I explored lysine myself and got an effect from it ,like many have mentioned, I didn't feel the need to use it regularly...
  9. haidut

    Aspirin, Doxycycline, Lysine And RU486 Combo Prevents Cancer Metastases

    Yet another confirmation that there is general change of direction in cancer research after the complete failure of the "War on Cancer" since it first started in the 19070s. The journal OncoTarget where this study was published is one of the bastions of "cut, poison, burn" dogma. More...
  10. natedawggh

    Lysine: Depression, Skin, Weight, Libido

    I thought I would post some more of my experience with Lysine. I have been taking it on and off for about the last six months. I usually take 500mg in the morning and 500 at night. Lysine competes with tryptophan in the body, and so it also reduces serotonin and nitric oxide. Reducing those...
  11. kineticz

    L-lysine - Serotonin Antagonist

    Studies have shown lysine can inhibit serotonin in the brain and gut. It's providing great anxiety relief for me, 2 x 500mg a day. I'm very sensitive to anything that lowers my stress systems currently so this response is most welcome. Anyone tried this
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