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  1. J


    When is best time to use a binder of sorts? Bile is released during a meal, so is it ideal to use it right after eating? Or how about 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating? Or what if a supplement is used to help increase bile, such as artichoke, should a binder be used right after supplementing...
  2. F

    Excessive Clotting in Microscopy

    I had live blood microscopy and found excessive blood clotting. I believe this is a result of receiving the series of (recalled) Lyme Rx Vaccines in the early 90’s. I have symptoms of chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, POTS, and insomnia for decades since, and I’m wondering if there has...
  3. J

    Severe Sleeplessness

    Hello, I am experiencing extreme sleeplessness and looking for insight and things to try. On the worse nights I fall asleep for about an hour or even less and then I’m awake the rest of the night. I’ve been struggling with pretty severe insomnia for the past couple of years and it’s just been...