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    Can infections cause symptoms in a state of high metabolism?

    For example, chronic infections like lyme, or parasitic infections. The goal isn’t so much to fully get rid of them, but to enable the body to keep them under check and remain assymptomatic. So I wonder if anyone got in remission from these or other issues, just by raising his metabolism
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    Lyme disease help

    i have absolutely NO knowledge at all about lyme disease. i recently moved to a place with a lot of ticks. i think i may have contracted lyme, and i know the most obvious answer would be to google all of this, but man google is so useless i pulled a tick off my stomach 10 days ago, and thought...
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    Test Results

    Original Post 'Inability to sleep, chest pain, please help' Inability to sleep, chest pain, please help I am hoping that the smarties on this forum can help me figure out what is going on with my health. I believe it is Neuro Lyme Disease, my doctor does not. What are your thoughts? I know...
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