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low testosterone

  1. T

    Low testorone in female in her late 30's

    Hi All, I've recently experienced a terrible hair shedding and I did hormonal panel. In the panel TSH=1 uIU/ml, FSH=22mIU/ml ( too high for folicilar phase as norm is 12,5 - this maybe due to multiple cysts removed from ovaries), the rest: LH, Prolactin, Estradiol, DHEA-SO4, SHGB, PTH...
  2. haidut

    Endocrine Disruptors In Sunscreen Absorb Systemically And Persist For Days

    So much for the safety of sunscreen. Of course, the article immediately goes on the defensive and warns against stopping sunscreen. It even includes gems like "The sun is the real enemy here" and keeps repeating the mantra that it is all about risk-benefits analysis. Yet, even MSM is forced to...