low-protein diet

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    Reversal Of Dopamine System Dysfunction In Response To High-fat Diet

    Reversal of dopamine system dysfunction in response to high-fat diet. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract OBJECTIVE: To test whether high-fat diet (HFD) decreases dopaminergic tone in reward regions of the brain and evaluate whether these changes reverse after removal of the HFD. DESIGN AND METHODS...
  2. haidut

    Low Protein / High Carb Diet - Healthier Than Caloric Restriction

    Ray has written about this before, several times across his many articles. He criticizes the caloric restriction (CR) studies due to the fact that the studies used toxic food ingredients, including PUFA. So, lowering those toxic food ingredients in the CR diets would produce a positive effect...
  3. N

    Very Low Protein Intake

    I've been tracking my foods for a week on cron-o-meter and as I suspected, I'm eating extremely low protein. I've been awake for 5 hours and so far have consumed 15g of protein! I'm putting together some of my issues, mainly water retention, tiredness and bloating where low protein could be the...
  4. M

    Why Do I Function Better When Restricting Protein?

    I have been recovering for almost a YEAR from a brief ketosis and low carb stint and have developed reactive hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, brain fog and depression induced by the diet. My TSH levels have not been recently tested (tested back in October yet TSH levels did not indicate...
  5. S

    My Result From 1-2 Weeks Of Lower Protein Experiment

    Last 1-2 weeks i have experimenting with decreasing my protein a bit, just to see. Everyday i got around 200g or a little more cheese, wich means 64g quality protein. Sometimes i got a little more cheese. The rest of the protein came from wheat, chocolate,candy(gelatin). I guess that was it...
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